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Liveability Property Features™




Homes that are healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to your local community

"The Liveability Real Estate Framework. Developed by LJ Hooker and acquired by the CSIRO"



Are you looking for a home with reduced running costs, increased comfort, and connected to a vibrant community experience? Well, you’re one of many people driving a new trend in real estate.


Drawing on our 85 years of real estate knowledge and working in collaboration with the sustainable design, building/construction and assessment industries, we have developed the Liveability Property Features™ and Liveability Real Estate Specialist training. This is enabling us to consistently identify and expertly market properties with “sustainable features”, or properties designed using sustainable principles.


Many organisations in the sustainable design, building and assessment industries see the 17 Liveability Property Features and our trained Liveability Real Estate Specialists as the "missing link" in realising the value of properties with these features. 


The Liveability Property Features™ and The 17 Things™ Checklist have been created to meet a need in the market to recognise properties that have features that go some way in addressing the reduced running costs (water and energy) and the comfort potential of a property. Of course, the way in which you use these features is far more important in achieving reduced running costs and increased comfort.


They cover:


  • Location
  • Floor plan and layout
  • Key building structure elements
  • Important energy and water saving inclusions
  • Energy rating
  • Other features worth noting


The Liveability Property Features ™ icon


The Liveability Property Features™ is not an energy rating. It is simply a way to assist prospective buyers, sellers and renters in recognising properties which have features which offer the potential for reduce running costs and increased comfort.


Once you have bought your home you can find out more information about how to bring these features to life in the way you live in the home on liveability.com.au. This website is a collaborative community supported by a fantastic group of Australia’s leading design and building industry bodies, organisation and local councils. It provides further information and resources to support you in creating your best home – healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.




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