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Liveability Real Estate Specialists

Trained Liveability Real Estate Specialists

Liveability Real Estate Specialists have successfully completed an intensive professional development training course. The one-day training course is followed by a six-week probationary period which includes online training units and two practical assessments.

This training has received significant endorsements and recognition  from a range of sustainable building, design/construction industry bodies and assessment knowledge organisations.

Our Liveability Real Estate Specialists are trained to:

•    Identify The 17 Things™ in a property
•    Appraise and list properties with these features
•    Understand why they are important to liveability potential
•    Know how to market them responsibly

To be eligible to do the training the real estate office must be signed up to the 3Ps Efficiency Program, which involves monitoring their paper, power and petrol usage with a customised environmental dashboard in the office.

All agents who have completed the training have looked at their own homes differently.

Trained Liveability Real Estate Specialists do not claim to be:


  • Builders
  • Building assessors
  • Architects
  • Designers


As real estate agents their expertise lies in understanding:


  • Property features that are desirable in the market
  • What benefits property features provide to a buyer
  • How to market and appraise a property's potential
  • How to connect the right buyer with the right property


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Maintaining the High Standard of Training

Liveability Real Estate Specialists wear their badge with pride and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and support.
Only a trained Liveability Real Estate Specialist is able to use
The 17 Things™  Checklist and the Liveability Property Features™ icon  to list and sell properties.
Spot audits are conducted on our Liveability Real Estate Specialists’ listings, marketing and checklists throughout the year to ensure the specialists are using
The 17 Things™  Checklist in accordance with the guidelines and maximising the checklist's potential.
Liveability Real Estate Specialists are required to refresh their specialisation annually and are kept up to date with regular updates from the design, construction and assessment industries.




Awards and Recognition


The Liveability Real Estate Framework took out the top education award at the 2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards. The Banksia Foundation is Australia's preeminent organisation recognising and promoting innovative sustainable development and practice. The award recognises leadership and achievement in raising awareness and understanding of sustainability issues and promoting tangible change in values and behaviour in support of sustainability.



Judges’ comments


"… This program is an amazingly innovative initiative with the capacity to effect change on people’s lives – through their homes, and also through their investments. The Framework is well thought out from identifying barriers and key areas of focus, through to program delivery and the final legacy. This initiative has engaged many partners and the engagement results from their training courses are outstanding."





"The Liveability Real Estate Framework. Developed by LJ Hooker and acquired by the CSIRO"