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Locality Guide - Gatton QLD


Location Description

The Lockyer Valley is one of the world's most fertile and productive agricultural regions and often referred to as "Australia's Salad Bowl". The Lockyer offers you a unique experience: a world of fascinating history, rich culture and stunning contrasts of natural mix town and country living, with everything from top class restaurants and art galleries to hot-air ballooning, skydiving, bird watching, stunning national parks and country markets within easy reach. The valley stretches from Minden to Withcott and from nearly Wivenhoe to Mt Mistake National Park, with the heart of the valley Gatton, being one 85kms from Brisbane.

The University of Queensland's Gatton campus is now 106 years old and part of Queensland's heritage. It combines a unique blend of historical buildings, state of the art teaching and research facilities, all located on 1000 hectares of prime agricultural land.

The township of Gatton and surrounds contains many historical features. From stone churches, museums such as the Historic Pioneer Villages and 'Das Neumann Haus' which also houses an art and craft gallery.

The Lockyer Valley also features many outdoor and extreme sports. From Skydiving, hot-air ballooning, camping and popular four wheel drive parks to Guided bus and farm tours and bushwalking.


Visitors Centre

Gatton's Lake Apex Park Br>Lake Apex Drive, Gatton
07 5462 3430

Lockyer Valley Tourist Information Centre
Jumbo's Fruit Barn
Warrego Highway, Hattonvale
(07) 5465 7642



Spring Bluff - Historic Railway
Station & Gardens
Laidley Pioneer Village
Glen Rock National Park
Ripcord Skydivers & Balloons Above
Numerous B&B's & Farm stays



Gatton features many speciality shops and eateries through out the Lockyer Valley.

The Gatton Plaza provides locals with a major grocery chain and essentials.



Public transport in the Lockyer Valley solely comprises of buses. The buses run both in and around Gatton and to Toowoomba and Brisbane several times a day.



The Lockyer Valley is home to two local hospitals:

Gatton Health Service
(07) 5462 0110

Laidley Rural Health Service
(07) 5466 8100



Pre-school facilities are provided at:

Coominya State Preschool
(07) 5426 4703

Fernvale State Preschool
(07) 5426 7174

Flagstone State Preschool
(07) 5547 9222

Forest Hill State Preschool
(07) 5465 4407

Gatton State Preschool
(07) 5462 1473

Glenore Grove State Preschool
(07) 5466 5313

Hattonvale State Preschool
(07) 5465 6078

Laidley District Preschool
(07) 5466 8255


Primary Schools

Local primary schools include:

Blenheim State Primary School
(07) 5466 4265

Clarendon State Primary School
(07) 5426 1289

Coominya State Primary School
(07) 5426 4138

Fernvale State Primary School
(07) 5426 7236

Flagstone State Primary School
(07) 5547 9222

Forest Hill State Primary School
(07) 5465 4177

Gatton Our Lady Of Good Counsel
(07) 5462 2675

Gatton State Primary School
(07) 5462 1013

Glenore Grove State Primary School
(07) 5466 5313

Grantham State Primary School
(07) 5466 1259

Haigslea State Primary School
(07) 5464 4283

Hattonvale State Primary School
(07) 5465 6526

Junction View State Primary School
(07) 5462 9169

Laidley District State Primary School
(07) 5466 8222

Lake Clarendon State Primary School
(07) 5466 5279

Lockrose State Primary School
(07) 5465 8249

Lowood State Primary School
(07) 5427 2333

Ma Ma Creek State Primary School
(07) 5462 7271

Minden State Primary School
(07) 5426 8212

Mt Sylvia State Primary School
(07) 5462 6245

Mt Tarampa State Primary School
(07) 5427 9208

Peace Luthern
(07) 5462 2833

Ropeley State Primary School
(07) 5462 7126

Tarampa State Primary School
(07) 5426 1191

Tenthill Lower State Primary School
(07) 5462 7109

Tenthill Upper State Primary School
(07) 5462 7280


Secondary Schools

There are a number of high schools in the area including:

Faith Luthern College
(07) 5466 9900

Laidley State High School
(07) 5466 8922

Lockyer District State High School
(07) 5462 3066

Lowood State High School
(07) 5426 1511

Westmorton Anglican College
(07) 3813 4555


Tertiary Schools

University of Queensland
Gatton Campus
(07) 5460 1111



Many sporting facilities can be found in the Lockyer Valley including two fitness centres one of which was built in 2002, squash centre, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball & volleyball, numerous ovals and swimming pool.

The Gatton indoor equestrian centre is home to a variety of events ranging from cattle dog trials to night rodeo and classic dressage events. The centre is of minimum Olympic size at 70m by 40m, with lighting for night events.


Offices Servicing this Area

LJ Hooker Gatton

63 Railway Street


Phone: (07) 5462 4277