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Buying Tips

Different Ways to Buy a Property
There are a number of different methods available to buy a home in Australia. Some buyers may choose to snap up a property at auction, while others prefer to gauge the market through a tender or expression of interest.

Here is an overview of the four main types of selling methods: Auction, private treaty, tender and expressions of interest.
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Buying at Auction Step 1 - Doing Your Research
Auctions are exciting but for some can be nerve-racking unless you understand the process. Vendors want to get the highest price, whereas buyers are hoping to snap up a good deal, while the selling agents are trying to get as many bidders through the door as possible. It’s an exciting process and it can be your ticket to a great property.

However, it is vital to do in-depth research before making moves into the auction market. Here are our tips on where to look, who to talk to and what reports you should read.
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Buying Real Estate Part 2 - The Cost of Buying Real Estate
Before you look for a brand new home, you'll need to prepare yourself financially. Buying a new home can be expensive, so it's important you plan ahead as best as you can.

There are many expenses to factor into your budget, including the deposit, stamp duty, strata fees, and inspection and valuation costs.
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Buying Real Estate Part 3 - Buy or Sell First?
So you're going to buy a new home. Now comes the age old question: Should you buy or sell first?

Your decision may be affected by a number of factors, such as market conditions, personal preference and your financial situation.
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Buying Real Estate Part 4 - Working Out How Much You Can Afford
So you are ready to buy a home, but your not sure how much you can afford to borrow and pay back? Learning how to determine your budget based on your income and and outgoings is critical.

Additionally understanding what lifestyle factors you need to consider when doing a budget, how to plan ahead for future events and to the hidden costs of buying a property will help you plan better.
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