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Darren Palmer's Christmas Table Decorations

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Fabulous holiday season table settings

Getting Inspired

The holiday season is here, which is the perfect time to gather your friends and family and enjoy some laughs, good conversation and a delicious meal together.  Whether you host a small intimate event or one that is over flowing with people, spending time to create a beautiful table setting can help make the event a truly memorable one.  Here are some ideas to help inspire you.



Creating the Right Mood

Before you begin, think about what sort of mood you want to create?  Do you want it fun and festive, perhaps a bit quirky for the kids or more of an elegant space for the more traditional amongst you?  Setting the mood can be as simple as choosing a colour theme, determining how Christmassy you want to go, or adding a string of fairy lights around the mantel piece and soft candles down the table.  By getting the mood set early on you'll make sure you only buy decorations that go with your theme, which will save you both time and money. 


Image: www.norahouse.com


Add Impact to the Centre of the Table

Some of the most beautiful tables I have seen have been decorated with something I least expected and the good thing about this is it is easy and fun to do.  Perhaps consider adding something a bit quirky like a hand of baby bananas, or hang a branch above the table with ornaments attached.  This not only looks fantastic, but also frees up the table for more decorations or the all-important meal. 

You don't need to spend a fortune here - take a walk outside or around your local park and see what you can find. Are there any pine cones, dropped branches covered in moss, perhaps you have a lemon tree you can prune some branches off and lie down the table?  The green leaves and yellow lemons always look fabulous when grouped together.  Remember, non-traditional centre pieces look fantastic and will be a great talking point.


Images from www.homedit.com

A Definite Christmas Theme

If you are looking to create a definite Christmas theme, red and white always works well.  Grab some checked gingham material and run it across the table (rather than down).  This will double as a table mat for each of your guests and make the table look fantastic.  Sprinkle the table with fake snowflakes or glitter dust and position a large gingerbread house covered in brightly coloured sweets in the middle of the table.  Add glass jars of candy canes and red and white lollies and you have a fun and festive table.

I've found the kids love making and decorating gingerbread houses and of course at the end of the meal, the delight on the kid's faces when they are allowed to smash it and eat it is priceless. 


Image from www.decoholic.org


A Romantic Theme

Perhaps you're not keen on having a full on Christmas theme, how about going for a more romantic look.  As many of you would know I love to gather beautiful things in vignettes.  Telling a story with your belongings and keepsakes brings interest and structure to any room and the dining table is no different.  If you have some old crystal glass ware or perhaps some glass decanters or vintage bottles - pull them out of the cupboard and arrange them down the table.  Add some freshly cut flowers and some beautiful china and you have a magical and romantic setting.



The Devils in the Detail

Ok so you're happy with the overall look and theme of the table, but you're not finished yet, you now need to focus on the finishing touches like table napkin.  I love the look of white table napkin with a brightly coloured ribbon and ornament tied around the middle,  or if you prefer you could add a sprig of leaves or some sweets to create something different.  Once these are placed on all the plates it'll help finish off the table.

I also love this idea of using something a bit quirky down the table like this Christmas themed oven mitten with a handmade bark gift tag attached.  The gift tag is a relaxed way to tell people where you want them to sit and having the knife and fork inside makes it feel relaxed and fun.



The Space at Large

I love it when the decorations are continued around the room as it really helps create the desired mood.  So if you have a side board or mantel piece, extend your chosen table theme there too.  Add some glass decanters, or flowers, perhaps a wreath with candles dotted around it or a small Christmas tree with sweets at the base.  Consider draping beads or light branches with leaves on top of picture frames.  This can look amazing. 

Or if you are planning on taking your celebrations outside, can you hang a wreath nearby on a wall, or can you put your Christmas tree outside?  Don't forget to go up as hanging decorations above the table look amazing.  These pom poms help create a relaxed yet impactful mix - a perfect combination for an Aussie Christmas.


Image: www.hearthandmade.co.uk & Image: www.weebirdy.com & www.homedit.com

I love this time of year as it is an excuse to re-decorate the home.  So have fun with it, go a bit crazy.  I'd love to see what you create so if you feel like sharing add them to www.facebook.com.au/myljhooker

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.


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