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Home Ideas

Real Restoration - Iconic Hydro Substation Revival
Self-confessed “old building people” this couple has had more than 20 years rescuing old structures, using traditional methods to return ruins to their former glory. The pair undertook a two-year campaign to secure Launceston’s iconic hydro sub-station, and although the derelict structure isn’t a place most would like to call home, This couple aren’t most people.

See how they gave this derelict building a new life.
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Darren Palmer Styling Advice on Where and What to Spend Money
Everyone has different ideas of what is important to them. Some value brand names above all else, others worship at the bargain bin looking for deals and discounts wherever they can find them.

So what is the right way to spend money on your home to make the most impact and add value to your home and your lifestyle?
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Creating a Space for Family Fun
With the right garden design you can foster in your children a love of being outdoors. As with any landscape design project, planning is key to the success.

Designing a child friendly garden is a clever way to encourage outdoor play. And with a myriad of play apparatus choices available, from cubby houses to swings, sandpits, monkey bars and a rock climbing wall, creating an outdoor play area is easy.
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Darren Palmer's New Love - Prefabricated Homes
I've recently become interested in quality pre fabricated homes and it seems there's been a major change in people's perceptions and results in the last few years.

Here I explore the benefits of prefab homes such as costs, design, timeframe, environmental impact and predictability of the end product
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The Ultimate Italian Bachelor Pad
Super cool with all the trimmings, this home for one ticks all the boxes for a client who appreciates the finer things in life. With its varied palette and array of textures, it is a layered and complex abode perfect for its owner
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