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> > Bring Work/Life Balance in Check With a Home Office

Bring Work/Life Balance in Check With a Home Office

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It might be time to think about a home office?

Collaborate and Create

As home prices continue to rise in major centres like Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, affordable housing must be sought further away from the CBD. This can work for many people, but for others, infrastructure like public transport and roads can't quite match what they need to make a daily commute!

Which got us thinking - instead of going off to the office every day, what if you brought the office back to your place? Here are some great ways to turn part of your home into a home office.



Hoffice is a Swedish project designed to help people work from home. One person plays host with their apartment, and roughly a dozen others come and work from there. It provides a productive office atmosphere without the lengthy transport times between home and work. Some groups take breaks every 45 minutes to share ideas, have phones set up in other rooms, and discuss what they've done to add some social onus on people to stay productive.

It might not work for everyone, but it's definitely an idea worth considering if others in your area want to work from home with a bit more of a social aspect as well!


Transform a Wardrobe

If you have the space, a wardrobe can make a great home office - without taking up an entire room of space. By finding other homes for your clothing, installing shelves where necessary, perhaps buying some cheap stools and getting low storage cabinets, you can make a clean work station that is easily hidden by closing the doors.



It is also a great way of getting bright and distracting computers out of sight - perfect for keeping prying young eyes from being glued to a screen or having the soft glow of lights keep you up at night.


Super Sheds

If you have a home with a small storage shed on the premises, consider a renovation job! A shed or garage makes for a great private office space, allowing you peace, quiet and a place to get messy with the paperwork if you need to. Check that there are enough power points, or extension cords from the house that can be safely connected first.

There can always be room to work from home, just make sure you have the concentration to keep it up. Your home is your castle, with many distractions - but the right home office can be just the tonic.


Download This Free eBook