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> > Darren Palmer's Innovative Storage Solutions for the Home

Darren Palmer's Innovative Storage Solutions for the Home

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Creating functional storage solutions

Standing Out From the Crowd

I was recently informed that I had been named one of the “Best of Houzz” by someone sending me an email. I was surprised, flattered and a little curious which of my images had been viewed enough to show up amongst the most viewed and shared in Australia on the site.

This image was the culprit, shared over 9,000 times, which led me to think, what about this room has taken people’s attention?



Looking through the other images in the category I started to see a common thread. Apart from considered design and nice materials and finishes, there were quite a few very interesting and unique approaches to storage.

In my bedroom shown above, the bedhead sinks into the wall cabinets that were built in as bedside tables which integrate into the cabinets under the windows. The apartment is small so I needed as much storage as it could handle squeezed into every unused nook and cranny.

This image credited to both zsarchitects.com.au and henarise.com.au has a very neat approach to shoe storage, making an opportunity out of the lost space between stairs. Ingenious!



Keeping Things At Arm's Reach

Opportunities found in spaces that are lost or hard to reach are my favourite types of storage. With high ceilings you have the opportunity to tuck things away at arms reach with the use of clever hardware like this:



You can have a full robe up to the normal height and if you have 2.8m ceilings or higher you can fit a whole new level of hanging space that you can access easily by pulling down on the handle bringing your winter coats to eye level.  For more information click here.


Some Amazing Engineering

Another one of my favourite storage solutions is this amazing bit of engineering by Hafele called the LeMans corner pullout. It makes the most of those awkward corners in cupboards so that you can actually get to the things you put in there, not just the stuff at the front.


Utilising the Void Behind a Splash Back

I’ve always had a really strong focus on storage, my first ever project featured an interesting use of a void in a kitchen behind a splash back. I was able to figure a way to lift the mirror to reveal a bar behind.




The Value of Window Seats

Good storage isn’t only about gadgets and novelties though. It’s more about looking for the spaces in your home that might otherwise be wasted and finding a way to use it.

There are opportunities for better storage in every room in your home. A window seat could have a flip top or drawers in front to store shoes like this one by www.annacarindesign.com.au



Under Bed Storage

Bed bases can flip up or have drawers for utility storage like the DROR or LIFFT bed bases from Domayne.



Adding an Appliances Cupboard

Kitchens can use the storage solutions most of all, often with things as simple as an appliances cupboard that hides your benchtop necessities


Image by www.kitchensbypetergill.com.au

Organising drawers well creates extra space and systems like this abound in the market place. You can find things to suit your every need:




You can also release space by creating a dual purpose like in this amazing sliding top for a kitchen that I found on pinterest by “MinimalUSA.com”





Dual Purpose Furniture

More common dual purpose furniture like Murphy beds have even made their way onto the Block with Steve and Chantelle using something much like this to get both a bed and storage into the same small space.





In Summary

No matter where you look if you train your eye you can find hard to reach or seemingly unusable areas that you can transform into usable and functional storage solutions. You need only use your imagination and get familiar with some of the awesome storage hardware solutions out in the market place.



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