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Green Tips for Green Thumbs

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Creating a beautiful garden, either for yourself or a prospective buyer

Weeding Frenzy

As the sun starts to shine with vigour in the spring months, are you thinking about dressing up the outdoor area of your property? Those of you with a particularly green thumb may already be out and about in the garden - no matter what your inclination, there are always easy tasks you can undertake to make your garden flourish. Who knows, if you're selling you may just attract some great offers from people who desire your green space!



Before you get down to planting in your garden, you need to make sure your plants and herbs will have space to grow without being crowded out by weeds! By spending a weekend thoroughly clearing the space where you wish to grow, you'll make the growing process much easier. You can pull them out by hand, but if there is an area that is particularly prone to weeds then you could consider spraying the area to prevent further weed growth.


Pick and Plant

Your spring conditions will differ state to state, affecting what you are able to plant. Organisations like local farmers' markets are a great source of inspiration for what you should and shouldn't plant in your garden, as well as a friendly neighbourhood point of sale. The more herbs, vegetables and fruit you can plant, the better you will feel - it isn't just fresh and healthy produce, but you get the satisfaction that comes with being self-sufficient and living off the land!


Pot Spots

In an ideal world, we would all have plenty of space to plant everything we want in a luscious garden. But in today's market, that can be difficult - especially in metropolitan centres. For those that only have a small space or perhaps live in an apartment, small pots are a great way to get a herb garden going. Many plants just require sun, soil and water, so a simple plastic container or hanging bowl can suffice to get that basil growing right in your kitchen.



Flower Power

This one's particularly great for those in the selling market. By preparing a beautiful flower bed, you can add value to your property with an attractive garden arrangement. Talk to a local florist or community garden about which ones thrive best in your garden, and get a rainbow of colour popping out of the ground to attract people towards your property.


Download This Free eBook