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> > How to Stay Safe When you DIY

How to Stay Safe When you DIY

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Don't hurt yourself when DIYing

Shakes and Ladders

As spring rolls around, everyone wants to get the most out of their spring clean, especially if they have a mind to sell their home in the sunny months. Many homeowners also use this period to take on minor renovations projects themselves, be they painting, window cleaning or clearing gutters. While this can be an excellent way to save money that would be spent on tradespeople, it's important to be safe when you take on your fixer-upper.



One of the most common safety issues that always emerges is ladder protocol. You'll often need to use a ladder during your spring clean, whether to apply a fresh coat of paint to your home or to get at those hard-to-reach gutters. You have to make sure never to stand higher than the second-highest rung on the ladder, and only work within arm's reach - move the ladder instead of stretching out for those pesky leaves! Also make sure to always keep one hand on the ladder as best practice.


Ball, Don't Fall

One popular family home addition is a basketball hoop and backboard, allowing the kids to enjoy an energetic and fun afternoon playing ball from the comfort of their own home - it also doesn't require too much space! However, make sure everything is in order and that all fittings are secure. If your kids fancy themselves as a regular Michael Jordan, you want to ensure the hoop can withstand the full force of their slam dunks without any distress. An expert can check the load bearing capabilities of your setup, and you can check the security of the hoop fastening yourself.



ABC: Always be Cautious

Even if you've undertaken this DIY work a thousand times before, that doesn't dictate your future practices. Always check your safety around the home, and use a professional if you don't feel confident with certain tasks. By taking proper precautions when completing home projects, you'll avoid any unnecessary damage to both your house and yourself, leaving you free to enjoy the carefree summer months as you please. Don't forget that projects done right can add great value to your property as well - if you're selling the family home, small DIY works can be great for bumping up that asking price in the coming months.


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