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> > Simple Ideas to Re-Fresh Your Curb Appeal to Sell Faster

Simple Ideas to Re-Fresh Your Curb Appeal to Sell Faster

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We know mowing the lawn can help, but have you thought of these changes?

How to Think Outside the Square for Your Kerb Appeal

We all know the importance of good kerb appeal. It draws people in off the street and can make your home a bright star in your neighbourhood. But what about when you live in a flashy area, or are struggling to get traction during the sale process, even with what you think is kerb appeal maxed out to the limit?

Not everyone can find instant success with the standard moves for improving a home's kerb appeal, so here we have compiled some more unorthodox methods that might get people talking about, coming to see and laying bids on your home for sale.



Have a Blast

Without spending too much money, hiring a water blaster is a great way to clean concrete areas of the front of your home. Sealing and hosing is well and good, but if you've been living there for quite a while, grime can build up a great deal.



A water blaster will brighten a grimy driveway significantly more than a regular hosing, by blasting away layers of grime. Just remember to check the safety manual before you turn it on . Then have a go, and watch your driveway gleam.


Bird, Bath and Beyond

If you want to create a beautiful nature scene in your front yard, a bird bath could be a great step. Of course, you'll need to check and see which birds are in your area, and perhaps their behaviours - you don't want fights breaking out!

A small birdbath may cause territorial problems while a large one could be harder to keep clean, but once you find the right balance, it can be a stunning and ornate addition to a home that is sure to catch the eye of many passers-by.


Think Outside the Box, Paint Inside the Lines

If you want a quick fix to grab attention, a brand new paint job won't go astray. But think outside the box with the colour you use, and maybe target only one area of the home. For example, the door, or wooden blinds, or even the post or frame for your letterbox. Something to grab the eye, but not enough to dominate the view of your home.



Sometimes the wandering eye of a home buyer just needs a little push in the right direction, and adding a tiny touch of bright red can do just that. From there, the eye can wander to the rest of your beautifully laid out property facade and - who knows? - maybe even all the way to a sale!


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