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Investing Tips

A Case Study of a First Time Property Investor
When you're buying your first property, you shouldn't go it alone. That's the advice of Ricky Briggs, who just bought his first piece of real estate - at the age of 23!

He recently bought a block of land in the Hunter region, and is looking at a great future through property investment as he constructs a duplex. But how did he know how to go about it?
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Market Impacts of Negative Gearing - Grant Harrod, CEO LJ Hooker
As a company with a clear interest in property, it will surprise no one that LJ Hooker has concerns that negative gearing has become an election platform.

This month LJ Hooker CEO, Grant Harrod discusses the real ramifications this proposal will have on the mum and dad investors, the real estate market and the services that support this important sector.
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Property Investing Basics: Understanding Property Investor Taxes
So far in our investing series we have looked at negative gearing, property cycles, the costs of investing in property, and what makes a good investment.

This month we talk to Ken Raiss, Director Chan and Naylor and share his insights on the all important topic 'Property Investor Taxes'.
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What Drives an Investor to Buy - Exclusive Survey Results
LJ Hooker recently undertook a major survey of Landlords around the country to gain further insight into the drivers of residential property investors around the country.

The results give us an insight into the mind of a property investor - why they invest, where they invest and how they invest. Read the full results here.
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Property Investing Basics - What Makes a Good Investment With Kristian Nelson-Marshall
In this next part of our property investing series we talk to Kristian Nelson Marshall, the Director of LJ Hooker Inner City, about what he thinks makes a good property investment.

Kristian discusses the importance of making informed decisions and shares some guidelines around where, what and when to buy an investment property.
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