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Liveability Top Ten Tips to Stay Warm This Winter
Empower yourself this winter with our Liveability Winter Checklist. Here are 10 easy ways to stay warm and save money.

Firstly, create a winter efficiency plan using our tips below. Then, get everyone in the house on board and finally, take action to make it happen.
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Osso Buco With Gremolata and Mashed Potato
"Osso buco is Italian for “hole in the bone”. This is a wonderful winter dish that is incredibly easy to prepare. It cooks away in gentle heat until it becomes a delectable source of wonderful flavour and nutrition. I generally make twice as much as I need and freeze the excess for an easy meal in the future. “Cook once, eat twice!” Wholefoods chef Holly Davis
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Energy Efficiency Tips for the Whole House
The following tips will help you improve your home’s energy efficiency, making it more economical to run and assisting to reduce your electricity, gas and water bills.

Talk with your family or housemates about many of the tips contained in this guide and come up with an action plan for what you can do to reduce your energy bills and make the house more comfortable.
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Passive Building Design Getting it Right from the Start
Passive design is an aspect of good building design which considers seven main elements in the design process to create homes that require minimal mechanical heating or cooling.

For most of Australia (excluding the Top End region) the orientation of a building to face north to access the free heat from the sun is the starting point. The other six elements – spatial zoning, thermal mass, ventilation, insulation, shading and glazing – can then be integrated to create a beautiful whole house solution.
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Out of the Box or Pre Fabricated Homes are a Great Alternative
Prefabricated Homes, also referred to as ‘modular’ homes are an alternative to conventional on-site new home construction. The home is built in an indoor factory and is shipped to the construction site.

Many of these homes are designed to incorporate a high level of environmental responsiveness whilst addressing the need to be cost effective and affordable.
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