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> > 16 Creative Up-Cycling Christmas Ideas

16 Creative Up-Cycling Christmas Ideas

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Try something new this Christmas

Stimulate Your Creativity

Why not try something new this Christmas – make your own tree and wrapping paper!

You can recycle and upcycle items in your home like old books, newspapers, unwanted coathangers or even your furniture.  It’s a cheap way to make something unique and a great way to get the kids involved. When Christmas is over it’s easy to recycle the materials and create something new each year!


1. The Coathanger Tree. Leftover metal coat hangers can be easily moulded to create a traditional tree or other Christmas icons. A fun way to bring out the festive spirit.

2. The Paper Tree. Pages of an old paper back can be transformed into an artful Christmas tree. Even sheets of music would work well. (more instructions below)



3. The Wood Off Cut Tree. A simple Christmas tree using all those wood offcuts. Add a few nails for hanging decorations and you’re done.

4. The Mobile Tree. Easy to make and wonderful hanging over the Christmas lunch table 


5. The Driftwood Tree. Driftwood from the beach nailed to a pole, great for that beach house feel. You can even make one hanging from the ceiling like a mobile.


6. The Egg Carton Tree.This is great fun for the kids to make too. Just paint them then stack them. That’s a lot of eggs!


7. The Book Tree.This is simple and quick to make. You can even stack them in a circular fashion and add fairy lights.

8.The Cardboard Tree. Made with those leftover storage boxes. Can also be painted easily and decorations can be stuck on with tape.


9. The Box Tree. Old wooden boxes or crates stacked to create a deconstructed tree with a shabby chic feel

10. The Funnel Tree. Old metal funnel stacked n top each other create great industrial feel to your Christmas 


Creative Gift Wrapping

Personalise your presents with an alternative to store bought paper wrapping; it can be as simple as using newspaper with contrasting ribbons or paper doilies for a more romantic look (see pictures 11,12,13). You can also make your own stamped wrapping paper and gift tags for an added personal touch.


11. The Newspaper Wrap. Use different sections of the newspaper to wrap your presents. Add a punch of colour with a bright ribbon and you’re done.


12. The Paper Doily Wrap. Wrap up your parcels using paper doilies. Create the card with stamped newspaper or a page from an old book



Another great packaging idea is a personalised gift bag. There are many online tutorials on making your own bags using paper. You can even upcycle cardboard cereal or biscuit boxes (see picture 14) into cool gift bags. Either use the original boxes or cover up the brand names with wrapping paper.


13. The Kitchen Paper Wrap. Gentle and effective using greaseproof paper tied with kitchen string and completes with a little greenery and a home made cookie.

14. The Cereal Packet Gift Bag. Make funky gift bags using cardboard cereal or cracker boxes from your pantry


To make your own patterned gift wraps (see picture 15), using a rolling pin. Just cut creative foam (or an old mouse pad) into the shape you want your pattern to be, could be circles for a polka dot effect or Santa hats for a Christmas design. Stick the stamps in rows on scrap paper – make sure you don’t use newspapers because the ink can rub off. Wrap the paper with the stamps stuck on to it around a rolling pin. Roll it in the paint and then onto plain recyclable paper and voila! patterned paper.


15. DIY Patterned Wrapping Paper. Make your own patterned gift wraps. All you need is a rolling pin, paper, an old mouse pad or foam and paint

16. The Stitch Gift Card. Stitch simple patterns onto cut cardboard shapes for a real crafty feel to your presents


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