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> > Tips for Creating a Smarter-Space House

Tips for Creating a Smarter-Space House

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Stairs as Storage - what a great use of space

Ready Made Storage

Stairs can be a great source of storage potential. Since the first step chest from ancient Japan called kaidan-dansu, people have been exploring the storage potential of stairs. The Japanese step chests had drawers and cupboards usually with sliding doors. Even though they were for a particular location in the house they also had the added benefit of mobility. This enabled stairs to be moved around depending on the needs of the season.



An Australian company is leading the way with an innovative under-stair solution. Stairpro® launched the InStep Drawer (patent pending) last year as an innovative storage solution that turns a once unusable space under the staircase into convenient storage. The solid timber dovetailed drawers use the existing riser board as the drawer front, and are smooth-running and soft-closing.

StairPro® owner Damian Heffernan is a registered builder, and has been in the building industry for over 30 years.

“As a builder I’ve observed many changes in the building industry; none so noticeable as the specialisation of trades. Doing one thing and doing it well has allowed the specialist trades to impact on the building industry, generally in a positive way.

“The staircase industry is one of those specialist trades that has grown out of necessity. The manufacture of staircase componentry has improved dramatically since the introduction of computer driven, overhead router technology, making the manufacture of staircase componentry incredibly accurate and proficient, allowing high quality staircases to be manufactured at competitive prices.”

Decorate Stair Ideas

If you have stairs in your home you know how many times you run up or down them. Why not add to the experience by painting them in creative ways?

  • Paint the stair rise in blackboard paint and write a message for your family up the steps.
  • Paint each step in rainbow colours creating a wonderful colour spectrum up the stairs to create a real feature.
  • Stencil a permanent message on the rise of each step. Perhaps a favourite quote or simply the words ‘come on up’
  • Create a Moroccan feel by stenciling each stair in different patterns
  • Simply paint each stair in increasing or decreasing tones of the same colour to give a gentle ascending feel


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