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> > 5 Essentials for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

5 Essentials for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

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Make the most of the great outdoors

Smart Tap

The outdoor room is a growing trend as it's perfect for the Australian Lifestyle; it has the capacity to keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and all while enjoying your outdoor space.  

Here are five products we think are essential to creating the perfect outdoor room



Whether you’re including a fully built outdoor kitchen or just some partially covered entertaining space, a Zip Hydrotap all-in-one is an absolute must. With cold, hot, chilled, boiled, filtered and sparkling water all on offer, this tap has got you covered for any occasion. You can enjoy a quiet afternoon reading outside and refill your tea at any time, or entertain a large amount of guests and provide all the water anyone needs.  For more on the Zip Hydrotap All in one click here

Fire Up


So many people neglect their outdoor areas during autumn and winter because of the cold. But with the addition of a fireplace or firepit, your outdoor room can become a space for all year round. Providing the necessary heat, while adding a level of sophistication, the Jetmaster Largo outdoor firepit is perfect for the job.  For more on the Jetmaster Outdoor fire pit click here.

Weather Proofing


With open-air outdoor areas your party or gathering can be ruined by the arrival of gusty wind, rain, or the beating sun. Whereas with an outdoor room you can create a space that embraces the outdoors but with the ability to be shielded from the elements. Optiscreen’s bi-folding door panels are perfect for this – using light-weight vinyl glazing they are lighter than glass and perfect for shielding your outdoor room.  For more information on the Optiscreen bi-folding screen click here

Fancy Fans



Now during the summer you’ll need to keep your outdoor space fresh and cool; and installing a ceiling fan is the best way of doing this. The Beacon Hunter Pacific Woody fan is perfect for this – it is suited for outdoor and coastal spaces, along with having the perfect laidback and natural look for any outdoor space.  For more information on the Beacon Hunter Pacific Woody Fan click here

Comforting Cushions



Cushions are always a problem in outdoor areas – the possibility of water damage makes it far too much of a hassle. But the Elements Weatherproof Soft Furnishing cushions are the perfect counter to this – made from specialty fabric, these cushions look cute, are comfortable while being easy to maintain. 


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