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> > A Bookworms Guide to Renovation

A Bookworms Guide to Renovation

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A place to curl up that may even add value to your home

Creating a Place to Curl Up

With the wind blowing outside and frost collecting at the windows, there's more than a good chance that you've become a homebody during the winter.

Even the most social of butterflies is likely to spend more than their fair share of time these months having the kind of fun that doesn't involve opening the front door. And what's a better inside activity than curling up with a good book and escaping into another world of excitement, romance, danger or fantasy?

Whether it's a residential or even a rental property, you might want to think about fitting out your slice of real estate with features tailor-made for book lovers. Not only will you have a comfortable space to enjoy some silent reading, it could also add value to your home.



Read All About It

Creating the space for a reading room has a few essential elements. The key idea is comfort, making an area that will allow you to forget about the world and be sucked into the pages of your book.

Nothing can snap you out of your reverie quite like the sound of the kids making a racket upstairs or the dog barking away ceaselessly outside. With this in mind, you might want to think about installing sound insulation into the walls of the particular room (or rooms) you want to use for quiet reading.



Insulation is also important for setting a pleasant temperature in the space, thereby ensuring a nice, cosy atmosphere for reading. You could also add a fireplace so you can curl up next to a few crackling logs during those winter nights.

Finally, paint your walls in soothing tones like duck-egg blue or cream, rather than shrill, bright colours. This will help put you at ease so you can leave the corporeal world for an hour or so.

Getting the Right Accessories

Needless to say, plenty of shelving in your residential property is a high priority. There's nothing better for a book lover than being surrounded by the books you cherish. Obviously, the placement and design of your bookshelves will depend on how many you have - you might create a whole wall of books from floor to ceiling, or create a narrower shelf that winds around your walls.



A good option for either is to create designated sections on your shelves for books you have read, and books you will read. This can be done in a variety of ways, perhaps through a visual motif or different paint tones to distinguish the sections.

However, be sure to leave a computer out of the room. This is a space for quiet reading, your refuge from the world - you don't want work emails or social media to draw you away and distract you.



Download This Free eBook