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> > Bathroom Renovation Tips for the Colder Months

Bathroom Renovation Tips for the Colder Months

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Create a winter perfect bathroom

Getting the Temperature Right

It's a feeling we're all familiar with. You've just torn yourself from your bed and stepped into the freezing air of your hallway. You get into the bathroom, turn the shower on full blast, get in and let the warm water envelop you in its embrace. For five, maybe 10 minutes, you're in paradise. Then comes that sinking feeling - soon you'll have to turn the water off and step out into the chill of your bathroom.

Bathrooms can be tricky during the winter time, for this and other reasons. However, there are a number of renovation tips that can make your residential property's bathroom a perfect space for winter time.



The first point of order should be dealing with the temperature in your bathroom, and making sure you have a toasty, comfortable environment you don't mind being in every morning.

Installing a radiator is an obvious fix, though you might be worried about whether an ungainly design may have a negative effect on your bathroom's appearance. Fortunately, today's radiators come in a range of designs and sizes, from sleek stainless steel to curved profiles and wall-mounted cubes. Visitors will think you've just gotten an affinity for modern sculpture!

Alternatively, you could install underfloor heating, if you're hoping to save some money on your power bills. Such heating can go under most types of hard flooring, including wooden planks, concrete linoleum and stone tiles.

Finally, you could paint your bathroom a different colour. Using warm colours such as reds, yellows and oranges can, as the name implies, create a sense of warmth for the bathroom which will reinforce your other changes.

Efficiency is the Word



Another dependable winter trend is the skyrocketing bills you start getting in the mail as you start cranking up your heating. However, whether you're in a rental property or you own your own home, your winter savings can begin in the bathroom.

The bathroom and toilet account for around 40 per cent of all water used in the home, so it's a high priority. You could switch out your current tap and showerhead for water efficient ones, or replace your current toilet with a high efficiency one that's tankless or wall-mounted.

If that sounds too expensive, consider buying and fitting a gadget that can lower the amount of water used by only allowing the toilet to flush while the button is being held down. The planet, and your bank account, will thank you.


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