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> > Could a Career Change Get You Your Dream Home? Check Out This Interactive Tool

Could a Career Change Get You Your Dream Home? Check Out This Interactive Tool

Could a new job mean a new home?

How much could a career change help you?

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about a new job? It’s a common lunch-break activity - after all, your next step up the ladder could mean a lot more money in the bank. And with that cash, you could land yourself that dream home you’ve always wanted. Talk about a welcome change!

If you’d like to take your daydreaming a step further, check out this new interactive tool, brought to you by Michael Page, one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies, and LJ Hooker. All you have to do is enter some information about yourself and what you’d like your next job to be, then sit back and watch.

With this information, the tool will bring up results on how much you could earn in that new role, as well as what you could do with all your extra money.

So how does LJ Hooker come in?

As Australian residential property experts, we were perfectly placed to add some of our own data to the tool. The figures we provided will show you the difference in median property prices for where you live now, as well as those for where you would like to live and work – adding a whole extra dimension to this inspirational tool.

For example, a career move from assistant manager to manager might increase your salary significantly, but if you were to make this career move along with a city move, you could end up with less rent to pay and even more disposable income.

As well as seeing the options for the awesome new places you could live in Australia, the tool will provide you with some insight on how you could spend that extra dough. You could end up with enough money annually for a couple of Rolex watches, a few dozen pairs of new running shoes, or a lifetime supply of caviar.

Or, you could simply use that extra money towards a mortgage for your dream home, which is something we could definitely help you find!

Check out the tool here, and let us know what you think!