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Create an Atmosphere for Your Patio

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Add Value and Style to Your Patio

Key Renovations to Create the Right Atmosphere

With the winter months in full swing, your patio's probably not seeing a whole lot of use at the moment. It won't be long, though, before you find summer at your doorstep and wish that you'd made those additions to the patio you'd been thinking about.

The colder months are a good time to start thinking about possible renovations, and maybe even start some work. You'll also want to have your work and additions completed on time so you can enjoy your new and improved patio when the sun has returned from its holiday. And if you're hoping to sell your property, such additions can increase the value of your home.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Let There Be Light

Your patio has the potential for a nearly endless variety of lighting options and combinations. Maybe you'd like a more affordable option and drape a strings of lights around your patio, creating the twinkling effect of the night sky. Or perhaps you want to give the area an exotic feel through the use of hanging paper lanterns. You might even be thinking about hanging a chandelier from a beam, holding either candles or mason jars.

With an array of lighting options which cater to your particular vision, pricing space limitations, you're sure to find what you're looking for. And when it's all set up, you'll have a space perfect for those hot summer nights.



Water Are You Waiting For?

When it comes to giving your patio that idyllic, serene atmosphere, you can't go wrong with a water garden. Imagine soaking up the sun's rays on a Saturday morning, reading the paper and relaxing with the peaceful sound of water trickling endlessly through bamboo or stone. A water garden with a re-circulating pump is essential for this effect.

To get the most out of your water garden, be sure to choose the right aquatic plants. If your patio gets limited sun, you'll want plants that can get by in shaded conditions.



Now You're On Fire!

When it comes to something both practical and aesthetically pleasing, many residential property owners go with a fire pit. The great thing about these is that they can be made from a number of different materials, from block and brick to small boulders and slabs of flagstone.



For a relatively low cost, you can have a feature that perfectly sets the mood in the night-time, while also doubling as a fun summer activity - who doesn't have fond memories of roasting marshmallows or pinecones on warm evenings?


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