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Creating A Cosy Bedroom

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Creating a bedroom haven

Improve Your Linen Standard

When the mercury drops in winter, there's nothing more devastating than leaving the nicely heated living room to go to bed, and finding your bedroom is a cavernous, chilly space. Suddenly the act of undressing and getting under the covers becomes an unpleasant chore.

But the bedroom of a residential property should be your sanctuary, somewhere you can snuggle in and feel safe. Even if the temperature is the same as the rest of the house, it should make you feel warmer. So why not consider these tips for turning your bedroom into a cosy space?


New linen can have a huge impact on how your bedroom feels at a relatively small price. Quality linen is especially important given that the bed is the focal point of your bedroom.

You'll want to choose bedware that's comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. You could even consider plush bedding. When the weather is raging outside, is there a better feeling than getting under those feathered covers, wrapping yourself nice and tight and getting toasty?

Remember also to add accessories, such as rugs and cushions, to make your bed look all the more welcoming.


Minimalism is a big trend nowadays. When you hear the term, you're probably most likely to think of a sleek, clean, almost futuristic-looking space that is the height of style. But minimalism isn't all about looking good - it's also about keeping your living space free of clutter.



You don't want to go too far toward the minimalist ideal of a spare, almost empty space, but you don't want a room filled with objects littering the floorspace. Part of creating a cosy space is establishing a sense of calm by not being overwhelmed by a bunch of stuff threatening to bury you alive.

The Furniture



A number of different pieces of furniture as well as additions to your existing layout can create an inviting atmosphere for your bedroom. Consider adding a canopy to your bed - not only will you feel like a Roman emperor, but it will help reinforce the idea of your bed as a sanctuary through which you can get away from the rest of the world.

If there's room, consider adding a seated area, too. It doesn't have to be an enormous sofa - even something as innocuous as a bed bench for where you can sit down and remove your shoes can be a godsend. And if you have a family, somewhere you can sit down and get away for an hour or two is a must.

Not only will these additions make your bedroom cosier, it will also make for a more valuable piece of residential real estate if you ever decide to sell.


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