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> > Creating a Rustic Log Cabin Feel For Your Home

Creating a Rustic Log Cabin Feel For Your Home

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You're Not Out of The Woods

Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us share a dream of selling a house, leaving civilisation behind and roughing it out in the rugged wilderness. However, as tempting as it is to go out into nature with nothing but your bearskin coat, trusty hatchet and wits, we're also hesitant to leave behind the luxuries of modern life.

With the right touches, you can give your home that rustic, log cabin look that'll make you feel like Ned Kelly, but won't sacrifice the modern home features that make it easy to curl up inside while the weather's raging.



...at least when it comes to building materials. As you might have guessed, a large part of the log cabin feel is incorporating logs and even tree trunks into your design, whether it's the interior or exterior.

Utilise furniture made from wood, such as chairs, but make sure they haven't been finely sanded down to remove any hint of their original appearance. Tree trunk sculptures placed here and there can help create an artistic flair for your residential property, and you could even spread architectural features around the house that are made from exposed logs: tables, a staircase, you name it. It's all about creating a natural feeling.

At the same time, don't be afraid to mix materials like copper into the design. It'll help imbue the house with a primitive, mismatched look that's exactly what you want from a log cabin design.

Which Colours Wood Be Best?



A new paint job is an effective and inexpensive way of creating the rustic look and feel you're going for. Earthy and subdued colours like coal black, brick red and brown can all help create that cosy feel that you want for the interior when temperatures have plummeted outside.

It doesn't all have to be earthy, wood-like colours, though. You could also make use of softer colours such as light blue that will make a striking counterpoint to the unvarnished, unrefined materials used for the rest of the house.

Out of the Frying Pan

As any aspiring woodlander should know, the fireplace is quite possibly the centrepiece of your log cabin design. Forget that electric heater - chop up some firewood, get it lit and warm yourself by the fire you have created.

But first, create the right design. Try and create an organic, almost haphazard look to your stone by recessing your grout, adding to the primitive look that the rest of your materials convey. If you're worried about the cost, simply cover up  your existing fireplace with panels of faux stacked-stone.


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