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> > Darren Palmer On Creating Magical Kids Rooms

Darren Palmer On Creating Magical Kids Rooms

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Have creative fun in these rooms

What is Your Overarching Style?

Kid’s rooms can be a mine field, and I don’t mean just in terms of traversing their floors, littered with toys. FYI there’s no pain quite so searing as standing on a lego in bare feet. But I digress.

No, the mine field I’m talking about is a visual one. You can be trapped into thinking that you either need to keep your kids room perfect and minimal to have a consistant and coherent look in your home OR swing in the other direction making your kid’s room such a colourful eyesore it drags down the appeal, and value, of your whole home.


There is a happy medium.

Kids rooms need to be suitable to your kids. You need to match them to the age, temperament and likes of your particular clan. They also need to be consistent, or at least sympathetic in style, to the rest of your home. These 2 agendas don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Firstly look at your home and the over arching design style you’ve carried through in your furnishings and interior elements. If you have a particular style, say a beach house for example, you need to look at the design language of that style and carry it through into the kid’s rooms. But there’s more to it.



What Makes Your Kids Tick?

From the other direction you need to understand what makes your kids tick. What are their favourite colours and activities. What are their favourite characters or books. What will excite their minds and make them feel good in their own space.

Kids rooms are an opportunity for us fully grown humans to express our childish selves for the benefit of our little ones. What a pleasure it is to look at the world temporarily through the wonder of a child, allowing you to see new and creative solutions to things.



Your challenge is to harness the creative way of seeing that will appeal to your kids and blending it with the overall design language of your house, but this doesn’t need to be any harder than looking at things like particular types of period details being carried through or making sure the colours you choose have the same intensity and tone so that they work in harmony with the greater palette of your home.



Have fun with the creative idea behind this room. It’s really the only space in a house where you can think really laterally without it coming off as whacky or inappropriate. In fact a few really choice ideas in a kids room will add charm and appeal and also boost the perception of value of your home to a family friendly market.



Thinking Creatively About Storage

Think not only of the fun and creative decorating elements but also how you can be fun and creative with the functional parts as well. Storage can be made from childlike objects, trees, skateboards, slippery slides and any number of cool and interesting things.



Beds take on any number of shapes and sizes - as long as they fit standard sized mattresses – my son’s bed is a bunk in burnt orange, but you can make them look like cars, boats or reimagine bunks in brilliant, fun and space saving ways.



Colours in kids rooms don’t need to be bright and childish. They can be subtle and muted, desaurated and stylish. Just use base colours that will appeal to your children. Duck egg blue rather than cobalt, dusty rose rather than bright lipstick pink, soft pastel mint instead of granny smith apple green. Just tone things down and pair them with some more refined or sophisticated colours and finishes that you may have even used in the rest of your home – such as linen, or calico or velvet for example – and you’ll nicely knit together the dual functions of the room that’s as much part of your house as your kids personal little home.



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