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Don't Just Recycle - Upcycle

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What is upcycling

Understanding Up-Cycling

You can probably guess what upcycling is just from the name. Essentially, it's recycling but better. It involves taking a unused object that's perhaps been cast aside or seemingly has no place anymore, and reusing it for a purpose it wasn't originally designed for.

Upcycling is one of the trends that's increasingly currying favour among owners of residential real estate today. And it's easy to see why.



Not only is it affordable, letting you make some impressive renovations with just a quick bit of DIY, but it's also good for the environment. Rather than throwing one more object to the landfill wastefully, you can extend its lease on life, and get an eye-catching new feature to boot.

Here are just a couple of ideas for upcycling around your home.

Creative Shelving



With the right eye, it's possible to see just about anything as potential storage space. Remember that rickety old ladder past its prime that you're not so confident can hold your weight anymore? Sawing it in half and hanging it up sideways can make it a unique-looking bookshelf that will turn visitors' heads.

And who hasn't gone through the bother of figuring out what to do with stacks and stacks of leftover boxes or crates? Instead of letting the termites get them in the garage, use them for shelving. Depending on their size, they can fit anything from books to mason jars. And best of all, you can arrange them how you want, creating a shelving solution specially tailored for your home.

Don't Get Tyred of Your Garden


When we think of garbage, an image that comes to mind is a heap of burning tyres set on fire, noxious fumes floating in the air. But it doesn't have to be that way. Because of their hardy nature, not to mention the resilience of rubber out in the elements, tyres make a perfect addition to any garden.



Paint them a bright colour, fill them with soil and you have yourself a readymade flowerpot. Depending on how many tyres you have, you may have a lot of elements to play with in terms of arrangement, colour and the interplay of both.

You might also consider making a playground in the backyard. It'll certainly add to value if you decide to sell your property, not to mention give your little ones a good reason to go outside. Tyres happen to be a nifty addition to any playground. With the addition of a chain or rope and a sturdy tree, you can turn them into swings, or you can set them down and create a miniature confidence course.


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