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> > Dressing up the Bedroom for Spring

Dressing up the Bedroom for Spring

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Get buyers interested and spring clean your bedroom

Don't be Afraid to Add Some Colour

While rooms like the kitchen and bathroom are important to get just right when you sell your property, it's the bedroom a potential buyer will be seeing themselves resting and relaxing in. This is why you must pay special attention to your bedrooms when you conduct a spring clean.



By decorating your bed with lightly coloured throws and pillows, you will give a bright outlook to any bedroom. These additions also add a sense of relaxation and fun to any room - the bed doesn't just have to be for sleeping, it can also be a great place to relax and catch some rays during the day. Vary the types and sizes of pillows you have on your bed for a true luxury feel! A bedspread or some foot stools can be a sign of a truly excellent bedroom that is hard to resist.


Flower Power

It's a classic for a reason - flowers add a huge level of freshness to any room or piece of furniture. By using minimalist floral prints on your curtains or sheets, you can create a warm, inviting spring feel to your bedroom. This doesn't mean throwing out all your darker curtains or sheets, however - keep them aside so you can switch back when you want to return to a more wintry look.


Let the Sunshine In

Finding that your room isn't getting all the direct sun that it should? Try shuffling your mirror placement, or moving furniture that is casting shadows over parts of the room. By maximising the sun that enters your room, you maximise its appeal for those springtime buyers. 



Pastel Colouring

Decoist thinks pastel colours are on trend this spring, and they certainly are an excellent way of making a bedroom stand out from the crowd. Light pastel colours can catch the eye without dominating a room, and are an excellent touch to consider when you decide how to colour the borders or a door or wardrobe - or perhaps sneaky touches like individual drawers!


Pass the Basket

One part of the bedroom that people often don't consider is a practical place to put clothes that have been worn. Not everyone's bedroom is right next to the laundry, and clothes on the floor are never a good look. By having an attractive (and preferably empty!) laundry basket in a room, people can admire the practicalities of your beautiful springtime bedroom.

Of course, these are only a handful of suggestions for your bedroom, so feel free to experiment with other ideas to liven up the space. It you get it right during the spring selling months, buyers will be lining up to get in with an offer!


Download This Free eBook