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> > Is It Time For a Home Change?

Is It Time For a Home Change?

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Time for a change?

Does Your Current Home Still Suit Your Needs?

Is your current home not quite right for your needs? Whatever the reason, you might sell your property if it's time for a change.

Here are five reasons why it might be time to change your current living situation and buy a new home.



It's A Squeeze

Your first home may be accommodating for one or two people, but if you're looking to start a family, it may seem a little cramped.

If you simply don't have enough bedrooms for a family in the near future, it might be time to consider a move. Likewise, if you already have one or two children but are considering having another, you might consider upsizing.

Young children are often happy sharing a bedroom, but it's wise to think into the future, when older children may want their own space.

It's not just bedrooms you'll need to consider. Having ample living space and even a backyard area are important features for families.

A common tip given to investors is to consider local schools, parks and shops in order to appeal to plenty of tenants. But the same advice applies when you're buying for your family, so keep these factors in mind.


The Facilities Aren't Right

Have you got the best home on the worst street? Alternatively, your neighbourhood may be pleasant, but it just doesn't offer the facilities that you want.

Whether you want access to lots of local cafes or are keen on having an aquatic centre and gym nearby, a lack of quality local facilities may encourage you to sell your existing home in order to shift into an area that better suits your needs.

You're Sick of Commuting



Perhaps it's not the house that's the problem, but getting to and from work each day.

Whether you're stuck in the car for well over an hour, or find that public transport links are infrequent or unreliable, it might be worth moving.

Remember that properties in more central locations can carry a higher price tag. It's important to weigh up the costs of of mortgage repayments against your regular transport costs.

You're Wasting the Space

In the later stages of life, couples often become empty nesters and are left with an expansive family home.

Downsizing is an option for many, but there are some important factors to keep in mind. If you've got strong links with the local community, you might like to limit your hunt for new residential property to a few nearby suburbs.

You'll also need to consider what happens to the furniture and possessions you've accumulated over the years, as it may not all fit in a smaller property.

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