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> > Lay Down Roots in Your Home This Winter

Lay Down Roots in Your Home This Winter

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Winter Planting Ideas

Inject Some Colour

It's no secret that plants and flowers don't do so well during winter. If there's two things our botanical friends need more than anything else, it's water and sunshine. And while there may be plenty of rain in your particular state during these months, there may not be so much sunshine. In fact, the presence of frost and snow could potentially kill your preciou  herbs.

Whether it's a suburban home or a rural property that you own, having a drab, desolate yard or garden is not the most attractive feature. It doesn't mean you have to accept this state of affairs, though. There are plenty of flowers and plants out there that you can use during the colder months.



Having a vibrant, colourful garden is not only a great way to crate a more attractive feature for your home. Being able to wake up each morning and see bright tones bursting from your garden is also helpful for dealing with seasonal adjustment disorder, for those who get blue during winter.

Kniphofia, or red hot pokers, grow comfortably in the winter sunlight. They can add splashes of startling red and yellow to your garden. As an added bonus, they may even attract birds to your property who are looking to collect some nectar.



The purple hardenbergia, or the happy wanderer, is also a fine addition for both its dreamy fragrance and its pretty colour. Lavender bushes, which can do just fine with a little bit of watering and are used to the windy Mediterranean coast, are another good choice for the colour purple.

Meanwhile, flowers like the winter rose, calendula, cyclamen and English primrose are all good choices if you're looking to bring in some white, orange, red and yellow into your garden's palette.

Different Plants for Different States

If you're hoping to plant something for more practical purposes rather than just aesthetic values, it's important to keep in mind that each state and territory has its own unique conditions for the kinds of plants you can use.



Most states and territories other than Western and South Australia can grow strawberry runners in raised pots or garden beds, which can time and money in growing strawberry bumper crops. A number of states, such as Victoria, New South Wales and SA, can also grow seed potatoes.



In fact, depending on where you live, you could make a virtual cornucopia of vegetables for cooking delicious winter meals. In NSW, you can grow scrumptious rhubarb and asparagus crops each year, while Queensland can accommodate vegetables from beetroot, cabbage and onion to tomato, spinach and silverbeet during winter.

In no time, you'll be making nice, hot vegetable stir-fries!


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