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> > Renting Basics: How to Find a Rental Property

Renting Basics: How to Find a Rental Property

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Using Every Tool to Find a Property

Once you have decided that your finances are in good shape to venture into the world of renting, there are several steps you need to take to find the right piece of real estate. You need to decide exactly what you want out of a house, and then employ a number of different techniques to find it.

Rent prices have been rising: A Domain Group report on the March quarter of 2015 found that Sydney rents for both houses and units, at $520 and $500 per week respectively, are at all time highs. And while other areas remain more steady, it is a crucial reminder that using every tool at your disposal to find a rental property within your price range that is good value is a must in the current market.



Navigate the Networks

If you're reading this on the internet, there's a high chance you have a Facebook account - perhaps a Twitter profile as well. As of the social network's 10th birthday in 2014, there were 12 million Australians logged into the network - 9 million on a daily basis.

This suggests a significant level of internet savvy among Australians, and this aptitude can be put to good use in the search for a rental property. Promoting yourself through social networks and asking people, or even creating a Facebook event is an excellent way to use your friend groups to find exactly what you need. Combined with Google Maps, you can pinpoint the exact locations you want to rent in with ease - and hopefully Facebook delivers a dream property!

Peruse the property portals

Of course, social networks aren't tailored to find you a new rental property - but there is a plethora of places on the internet that are! By using websites like realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and of course ljhooker.com.au you can set up specific searches, changing factors like location, price, bedrooms and more.

It's ideal when you know exactly what you want and just have to find the home itself!


Use an Agent

Of course, there are professionals in place that can help you find a rental property with ease as well. We have agents that know the lay of the land and the swell of the prices across all of Australia, and can provide invaluable insight into various property markets.

Property management teams can also put you in contact with excellent properties. If you don't find what you need through your own means, it's likely that an agent can come through for you!



Get on the Ground

Making sure you visit a rental property before you sign a lease is vital. It's tempting to sign away as soon as a landlord says yes, but be patient. There could be issues that aren't visible in an online listing. Lifehacker recommends visiting a property for a midweek viewing as well - weekends can be packed with rival tenants, whereas visiting on a Wednesday might see you leap to the front of the queue.

Most of all, be patient - an itchy trigger finger isn't the way to a great rental property.


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