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> > Renting Basics: What to Put in an Application

Renting Basics: What to Put in an Application

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Increasing your chances of success

Increasing Your Chances of Rental Success

Thus far in our renting basics series, we have covered subjects like how to find the right property your rights as a renter. Upon discovering your perfect abode, there can and often will be competition from other eager tenants.

In light of this, how can you put your best foot forward and increase the chances of securing your home?

In many ways, it's like a job interview. You're presenting your CV to a potential boss, who will make a decision based on the information in front of them.

There are a number of documents that are often required to accompany your application, therefore before you go house hunting it's worthwhile ensuring everything is up to scratch!

Being able to produce this information promptly when required can prove to be the clincher in a rental race.



Photo Identification

This may be one of the more obvious pieces of paperwork, but it's also one of the most important. Put yourself in the landlord's shoes - would you allow a tenant to live in your home, despite having no way of proving they are who they say they are?

Your drivers license or even passport will normally suffice.


Reference Letters

As you progress through the game of life, it's important that you collect references from previous employers and landlords along the way. Having positive feedback straight from the horse's mouth can really sway the decision in your favour.

If for whatever reason you're struggling to collate references, remember that money talks. For example, to reassure the landlord, you could promise to pay three months of rent in advance.



Pay Slips

Significant scope is placed on your ability to pay rent, as most often landlords will prefer tenants that have a constant and reliable source of income.

Adding a few recent pay slips and bank statements to your application will not only show proof of employment, but should also allay any fears a landlord may have over missed payments.



Rental Ledger

If you have rented in the past via a real estate agency, they will have a deposit or rental ledger which you are permitted access to.

This is a basic summary of your payment history for that renting period, and as such (provided your payments were all met and on time), can be a crucial addition to your application.



Cover Letter

If you really want to put off a good first impression, you should attach a cover letter to your application form.

Not only will this differentiate you from other applicants, but the piece of paper detailing your application and supporting why you should be considered will add a more professional feel.

Just like a job interview, wearing your best clothes and getting a new trim for the inspection might help too!


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