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Selling in Winter - Appeal to the Senses

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Preparing your home for sale is worth your time

Tricks of the Trade to Help your Property Sell

Are you selling a house this winter and want to ensure you get some great offers? There are plenty of ways you can make your property more appealing.

If you're selling your property, you'll need to take a dedicated approach to ensure it's in top condition for open inspections. Before you focus on some of the following finer touches that make your home all the more desirable to potential buyers, make sure you've got the less glamorous tasks out of the picture.

Leaking taps, broken locks and shabby front gardens (not to mention untidy backyards) aren't going to win you any points. Spend some time during the weekends in the months leading up to your planned open inspections to get these issues sorted.

Once you've got these jobs out of the way, you can focus on appealing to potential buyers' senses when they visit the property. Confused? Read on - we'll explain some great strategies.




Sure, you might think it's the appearance of the home that is the deal-breaker. And in some ways, this is correct.

After all, you can't hide carpet that's better suited to the 1970s or shy away from the fact that your wallpaper is peeling. Getting the aesthetics right is certainly important.

However, just as important as sight is smell. When selling in winter, there's no better way to entice punters in than with the scent of just-baked cookies or - the ultimate olfactory teaser - freshly baked bread.

Allow these aromas to filter through the shared living spaces when you're holding open inspections. There's no reason you need to be a baker extraordinaire, either. Pre-bought cookie dough or par-baked bread can be popped into the oven 20 minutes before buyers show up for a no-fuss way to make your home seem more inviting.




Just as a beautifully presented home is appealing to the eyes and a deliciously scented home is a winner for the nose, a home that feels cosy is a must.

Encourage potential buyers to remove their shoes at the front door. Let them walk through living spaces lined with fluffy rugs that feel soft underfoot. There's no need to buy such accessories if you don't own them - simply borrow them from a friend or relative when you're hosting open inspections.

Soft curtain fabrics and plush carpet will make your home feel like a nest that people can't help but make an offer on!

While it's not advisable to touch an open flame, potential buyers will definitely love the feeling of warmth if you light the fire or run the heat pump, too.


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