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myLJHooker Home

Garden Symphony: Asian Inspired Twist
The confident blend of colours, textures and materials work to create a harmonious whole.

The modern style rear garden is proof you can inject some industrial chic into a garden design and still have a welcoming space.
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Breathing Space: Sweet Disposition
For an architect, creating other people’s dream houses always seems to take precedence, but Albert Hoggett finally decided to take his work home.

There’s nothing better than starting with a clean slate, with bulldozed land offering up the perfect foundation to create something that’s entirely yours. Perched high above the sea, this ideal holiday home was created, filled with light, happiness and an iconic water view that never gets old.
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Expert Advice: Understanding the Winter Real Estate Auction Market
Usually, winter is a time when the auction market slows down a bit. But with the positive overflow we've seen in the last six months and economic drivers like the low interest rate opening up the market to more and more people, the trend is being bucked.

Auction numbers and clearance rates are at improbable highs, especially around Sydney and Melbourne. We caught up with Ricky Briggs, Director LJ Hooker Auction Services for some insight into the world of winter auctions and what it means for you as a buyer or seller?
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Renting Basics: Understanding Real Estate Leases
As part of our ongoing renting basics series, we have been looking at the important aspects of choosing the right place to move into as a tenant. But once you agree that a place is right for you and your potential living companions, there is still a lot of ground to cover! If you have your finances in place, you need to make sure the lease is fair.

This can be a hefty document, and one that requires careful consideration. So what should you be looking for to properly understand a lease?
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Grand Designs UK: Idyllic and Super-Eco Home
Idyllic plot? Check. Innovative design? Check. Super-eco credentials? Check. This Norfolk home ticks all the right boxes — just…

Whether it’s to save the planet or just to reduce the cost of energy bills, the majority of grand designers are keen to invest in some sort of eco technology. But for this owner, whose impressive periscope-like home in rural Norfolk featured on the recent series of Grand Designs, sustainability wasn’t just a whim — it was the difference between living in her dream house and being left homeless.
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