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Real Seller's Journey - Bianca and Christian Sell
After not selling at auction Bianca and Christian immediately began work with their agent to modify their marketing plan.

Here they discuss the next steps they took, what their agent advised, the changes they made to their campaign and the outcome.
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Auctions aren't Always a Proxy for the Market, Grant Harrod, CEO LJ Hooker
Auction clearance rates give us insights into many aspects of the property market, but certainly not everything.

As we return to more stable conditions, it is becoming increasingly evident that we cannot rely on clearance rates alone to create the full picture of what is happening in Australian real estate. This month Grant discusses the other key variables you should also consider when assessing the buoyancy of your local property market.
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Energy Efficiency Tips for the Whole House
The following tips will help you improve your home’s energy efficiency, making it more economical to run and assisting to reduce your electricity, gas and water bills.

Talk with your family or housemates about many of the tips contained in this guide and come up with an action plan for what you can do to reduce your energy bills and make the house more comfortable.
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The April Home Checklist
We are half way through Autumn - the morning air is becoming crisper, leaves are falling and the local farmers markets are full of potatoes, plums and pears. Your thoughts maybe turning to curling up on the sofa with a movie and popcorn, but before you get too settled, here are some home to-do’s for this month to help you prepare for the colder months ahead.

Don't wait until the first cold snap to make these adjustments - in this April home checklist, let's look at specific ways to boost the comforts of home before winter arrives.
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Darren Palmer on Selling His Own Home. Due Diligence, Pricing and Styling
As recently as last year I was faced with a decision whether to move and sell my house un-renovated or move after I’d improved it and realised some more value in my property. The decision was based purely on finances, broken into two factors, cash flow and equity.
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