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Real Restoration - Iconic Hydro Substation Revival
Self-confessed “old building people” this couple has had more than 20 years rescuing old structures, using traditional methods to return ruins to their former glory. The pair undertook a two-year campaign to secure Launceston’s iconic hydro sub-station, and although the derelict structure isn’t a place most would like to call home, This couple aren’t most people.

See how they gave this derelict building a new life.
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Different Ways to Buy a Property
There are a number of different methods available to buy a home in Australia. Some buyers may choose to snap up a property at auction, while others prefer to gauge the market through a tender or expression of interest.

Here is an overview of the four main types of selling methods: Auction, private treaty, tender and expressions of interest.
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Darren Palmer on Styling to Sell in Spring
The spring selling season has arrived! But how do you give your home the advantage and make it stand out to discerning buyers. The answer is styling according to a panel of LJ Hooker agents as it can make a big difference to the number of people who are interested in the property, the price you achieve and how quickly it sells.

Whilst you do need to look at the whole home I thought I would share with you some tips on how to make the most of your outdoor space – after all spring is here and us Aussies love to be in the great outdoors.
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Darren Palmer Styling Advice on Where and What to Spend Money
Everyone has different ideas of what is important to them. Some value brand names above all else, others worship at the bargain bin looking for deals and discounts wherever they can find them.

So what is the right way to spend money on your home to make the most impact and add value to your home and your lifestyle?
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Record Low Rates to Fire up Pre-Spring Market, Grant Harrod, CEO LJ Hooker
The reserve banks decision earlier this month to cut the cash rate to a new record low, combined with capital city price growth, will spur listings ahead of the spring selling season.

Grant Harrod, LJ Hooker CEO, discusses the impact this decision will have on both sellers and buyers and what that means for the overall Australian market.
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