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Vietnamese Prawn & Noodle Wraps
Are you looking for a light and healthy lunch or dinner...and feel like a bit of experimenting?

Why not try these Vietnamese prawn and noodle wraps. They are versatile and easy to make and packed with goodness, flavour and texture. So forget the take-away down the road and try making these at home instead.
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3 Items Every Small Apartment Needs
As property prices go up, it's likely harder to find that dream piece of property - especially in the middle of Australia's capital cities.

However, if you've got your heart set on a central location, you may end up sacrificing on other features to make it happen - like space. If you've secured an apartment in the city but are finding it a bit on the small side, we're here to help - with a series of items that could do wonders for your space.
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Miami Penthouse Design: The Ultimate Bachelor Pad
This penthouse interior design, part of an iconic Miami landmark, has been given a new look, blending sumptuous style with beach chic

Reportedly listed for sale for US$25 million a few years ago, a mystery bachelor bought all 4 penthouse apartments and combined them together to create an amazing home - perfect for entertaining.
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How Can You Afford to Buy a Property
Prices seem to be rising all around us. In fact, according to the last Consumer Price Index from the ABS, almost the only thing going down in price at the moment is petrol! And as we all know, one thing that just won't stop growing in price at the moment is property. Sydney's been leading the way for quite a while now, but lots of other cities have seen healthy gains too.

But don't worry! With careful planning, you too can get into a property - you just have to know how. Let's look at how you can afford to buy a home.
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Simple Ideas to Re-Fresh Your Curb Appeal to Sell Faster
We all know the importance of good kerb appeal. It draws people in off the street and can make your home a bright star in your neighbourhood. But what about when you live in a flashy area, or are struggling to get traction during the sale process, even with what you think is kerb appeal maxed out to the limit?

Not everyone can find instant success with the standard moves for improving a home's kerb appeal, so here we have compiled some more unorthodox methods that might get people talking about, coming to see and laying bids on your home for sale.
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