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Expert Advice: Mastering the Home Loan Basics With Jeff Chapman
As you might have noticed around here, we're delving right into how to buy your first home at the moment. And when it comes to mastering the home buying process, they don't get much more knowledgeable than Jeff Chapman.

As the National Product and Marketing Manager over at LJ Hooker Home Loans, he has dealt with all types of mortgages and borrowers, so we thought there was no-one better to ask about the basics of borrowing and to walk us through a case study of a real first time home buyer.
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Is Autumn the Best Time to Sell?
There are many opinions about when the best time to sell is. Some people are firm believers in selling during spring, while others choose to list, sell and settle in autumn.

Understanding what different seasons can offer is essential when choosing when to sell.
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How to Choose a Builder, Designer or Architect
Whether you're looking for an architect, builder or designer, there are numerous ways to find the right people for the job. Learn from the experts about how to make the right decision the first time.

One of the first steps in the right direction is to take note of properties and renovations that appeal to you as you drive around the area you reside in
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How to Design and Family Friendly Garden
You don’t have to splurge on expensive play equipment to turn your backyard into an adventure playground for the kids. Here are some simple ideas to encourage your kids to play outside.

You can stimulate their imaginations and encourage exploration in myriad ways, from using a felled tree trunk as a climbing frame to building a simple sandpit. Here are some great ideas to get you started.
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6 Ways to Avoid Renovation Budget Blow-Outs
There is nothing worse than realising you cannot afford your dream renovation or house construction because it has overtaken your budget.

There are a number of important steps that people who are considering customising building options can adopt to ensure they do not find themselves in this unenviable situation. Avoid budget blow-outs with some expert advice.
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