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Buying Real Estate Part 10 - The Contract of Sale and Settlement
So you have found a property you love well now its time to review the contract of sale.

This is a legally binding agreement between you and the owner of the property. It's important to ensure all information provided in this contract is accurate and correct so the transaction can be completed successfully. It is also important to note that if you do end up buying the property you are obliged to fulfil any relevant requirements in the contract before the property sale is complete.
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Property Investing Basics - What Makes a Good Investment With Kristian Nelson Marshall
In this next part of our property investing series we talk to Kristian Nelson Marshall, the Director of LJ Hooker Inner City, about what he thinks makes a good property investment.

Kristian discusses the importance of making informed decisions and shares some guidelines around where, what and when to buy an investment property.
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How's the Market? Grant Harrod, CEO LJ Hooker
Australians are passionate about their homes and enjoy the confidence that comes with owning real estate. And there has been a lot to love over the past two years with strong growth, particularly in Sydney, delivering lottery like returns rarely seen.

Since the start of spring, the market has entered a period of adjustment with an influx of listings causing price growth to steady. But where do I see the market going and what does this mean for both buyers and sellers.
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Different Ways to Buy a Home - Deep Dive into Auctions & Private Treaty
Buying a home is both an exciting and nerve wracking time. Regardless of whether you are new to the property market or have purchased a home before understanding what happens on auction day and having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can make the difference between wining or not.

If you are buying by private treaty you also need to know the best way to approach this to give yourself the best chance of buying your property
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Successful Styling to Sell Tips from Darren Palmer
There are certain rooms in the home that buyers want to feel good about. They like large living rooms, where they can entertain, relax with family and watch television. But not all homes have large rooms, so here are some ideas to help make your room feel bigger and to help your buyer feel at home.

Plus Darren shares his dvice on styling the all important bathroom to help your potential buyers feel like its a room to relax and pamper themselves and you soak up a sale.
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