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myLJHooker Home

New Year Means a New Home
The New Year means a new home for many property owners but most don’t know where to start for their big move. According to LJ Hooker's Head of Christopher Mourd, the first step is understanding the worth of their existing home,

LJ Hooker is making this first step even more attractive. Owners and landlords who have their home or rental property appraised by an LJ Hooker specialist by February 29 have the chance to go into a draw to be one of five winners of $20,000 cash.
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Real Home: Perfect Provencale
Down a winding road in Provence, a small unmarked track dotted with olive trees leads off from the road, with no sign of what lies beyond sits this stunning provencal house.

Wander through this superb home - an epitome of a space that is equally traditional and modern.
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Could a Career Change Get You Your Dream Home? Check Out This Interactive Tool
How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about a new job? After all, your next step could mean a lot more money in the bank. And with that cash, you could land yourself that dream home you’ve always wanted.

Take your daydreaming a step further, with this new interactive tool, brought to you by Michael Page, one of Australia’s leading recruitment agencies, and LJ Hooker. Simply enter some information about yourself and what you’d like your next job to be, then sit back and watch.
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Parents to the Rescue. Helping Kids Buy Their First Home
Many experts are predicting 2016 could be the year for first home buyers? With the softening of the property market, changes to investor lending and a large number of high rise apartments becoming available as a result of the construction boom across the country it is looking likely.

LJ Hooker research highlighted a number of new ways savvy Gen Y's are buying their first home....and one popular way is with the help of their parents.
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Darren Palmer's Tips to Re-Energise Your Home for 2016
We all start the year with the best of intensions, to eat healthy, to use that dormant gym membership and to be the best, shiniest versions of ourselves. Rather than doing a full 180º change and thinking you will easily adjust there are a few little things that you can change, adapt or improve so that at least your home starts the year at its best.

Here are some practical ideas from our interior design expert to help re-energise your home.
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