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myLJHooker Home

City Chic
When this homeowner downsized to the heart of Melbourne’s food, arts and entertainment scene, she wanted to keep the elegance of her grand home to be expressed in an urban cottage in vibrant South Yarra

See how this brick cottage was transformed into private retreat and a chic city hub for its owner, as well as friends and family
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5 Essentials for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room
The outdoor room is a growing trend as it's perfect for the Australian Lifestyle; it has the capacity to keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and all while enjoying your outdoor space.

Here are five products we think are essential to creating the perfect outdoor room
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Green View
When you live in Australia’s harsh climate, sometimes there is just no escaping the environment — particularly when you live in regional Australia.

The way this home design has used the environment to its advantage is impressive, and with its 8.2-star energy rating it was lauded at the 2011 master builders association of Victoria Excellence in Housing Awards, winning Best Sustainable Energy Home.
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Conveyancing: How Does it Work?
Whether you are buying or selling a home, the transfer of title and signing of legal documents forms an important part of the process. This is called conveyancing and it can be daunting, especially because each state and level of government has different laws and requirements on property purchases.

What's more, 'legalese' is not the easiest language to speak. Conveyancers are qualified experts who handle these matters for you - but what steps do you still have to take?
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What Type Of Bidder Are You?
Auctions are one of the most common ways of buying a house, so it's worthwhile figuring out exactly what kind of strategy you're going to take into the process, and getting to know some of the other strategies your competitors are likely to try.

Here are a just few of the common bidder types you're likely to encounter at your next auction - who knows, you might be one of them!
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