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myLJHooker Home

Is It Time For a Home Change?
Is your current home not quite right for your needs? Whatever the reason, you might sell your property if it's time for a change.

Here are five reasons why it might be time to change your current living situation and buy a new home.
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Darren Palmer Reviews The Block Apartments
Wow what an incredible auction night! I was blown away by the outstanding results and how profitable each apartment was - so a huge congratulations to all the couples.

I have recapped The Block on radio and newspaper interviews more times that I care to think about in the last week but now I’m going to give you my outline of the entire block, apartment by apartment and tell you who I thought would be the winner.
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Darren Palmer's Top Tips To Bathroom Riches
Recently I carried out a renovation on my own apartment, there was space, a great location and a small strata block of 4 giving the apartment plenty of good value points to start with.

My goal was to maximise every opportunity in the apartment so I could upgrade, sell and move into a bigger property. let me show you how I added significant value by adding a extra bathroom.
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Cafe Culture: Award Winning Recycled Design
Melbourne is famed for its cafe and laneway culture and it’s said the best way to experience the city is to get lost among its streets. Old brickwork and cobbled lanes lead you past bars and restaurants, and coffee shops beckon with tantalising aromas.

This funky laneway vibe is where the acclaimed architect got their inspiration for this exciting new home in an inner suburb of Melbourne.
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Natural Attraction
With a stunning Noosa beach as its backdrop, this stylish and contemporary home is functional for a family with three teenage children, yet makes the most of its beachfront location.

See how this edgy, minimalist design combined with nature-inspired interiors and ocean views give this home a modern vibe.
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