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myLJHooker Home

Baked Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Thyme with Rocket, Pine Nuts and Balsamic
In winter our intake of Vitamin D often drops as we are not spending as much time in the sun. Mushrooms are an amazing source of this important vitamin and the inspiration for this week's recipe.

Oh....I also simply couldn’t go past these beautiful Blue Mountain mushrooms and baby sweet cherry tomatoes. Simple, nourishing and ever so filling…..not to mention, darn easy!
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Grand Designs Australia Tree House
In 1913 the Californian bungalow hit Aussie shores in a big way, making its pilgrimage across the country to ultimately brand itself as a cheap and chic style.

Alas, the mould has since been broken and the California-influenced home has since dwindled in popularity. It’s hard to believe this modern Glen Iris home was once part of the craze, but a new residence stands proudly in its place within a tree-ridden landscape.
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Buying at Auction Part 8 - Your Bids Successful Now What?
If you emerged victorious in the bidding battles, and saw the price surpass the reserve, then congratulations - you have bought a property at auction. Here are the steps you need to understand so it all goes smoothly.

But sometimes a property does not sell, so here is what do you need to know when this happens.
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Hollywood-Sytle Home Design: With a Twist
It’s easy to go back to basics, but what happens when neutrals just don’t cut it for a family that likes the finer things in life? An interior overhaul of the family home, of course.

Although many people dream of living in a French-style property with modern luxuries and monochromatic shades, having a personal stamp on your abode is crucial for making it just that — a home.
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6 Mistakes People Make When Buying Real Estate in Their Super Fund
Purchasing property in a super fund is extremely popular, however there are number of common mistakes that people make when they buy.

Ken Raiss, Managing Director, Chan and Naylor, shares the top 6 mistakes he says people make when buying real estate as part of their super.
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