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Selling Tips

Darren Palmer on Styling to Sell in Spring
The spring selling season has arrived! But how do you give your home the advantage and make it stand out to discerning buyers. The answer is styling according to a panel of LJ Hooker agents as it can make a big difference to the number of people who are interested in the property, the price you achieve and how quickly it sells.

Whilst you do need to look at the whole home I thought I would share with you some tips on how to make the most of your outdoor space – after all spring is here and us Aussies love to be in the great outdoors.
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Selling Real Estate in Winter - Tips to Get the Most for Your Property
The spring selling season is traditionally where activity bursts at the seams in the housing market, but the shortfall in winter stock makes it a prime opportunity for you.

Getting ahead of the spring selling season, when property floods the market can be a good move as there are often still loads of buyers but not many properties. If you are selling this winter here are some ways to keep the sale price hot when the weather is cold?
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Selecting the Right Agent
A real estate agent will be the person helping you achieve the sale of your home. This professional's connections, local market knowledge and real estate expertise will all play an important part in this process.

Therefore, it's crucial you choose an agent who is most suited to your requirements and will help you get the sales results you desire in the shortest time possible. Here are some important features you should look for in a real estate agent
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14 Ways to Prepare the Outside of Your Home to Sell
You only get one chance to make a first impression and when you are selling your home, its really important to make it a good one.

Here we share our expert tips on improving your curb appeal, garden and front door. Getting these enhancements right can make a big difference to how many people are interested in your property, how quickly you sell and the price you achieve.
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Real Seller's Journey - Bianca and Christian Sell
After not selling at auction Bianca and Christian immediately began work with their agent to modify their marketing plan.

Here they discuss the next steps they took, what their agent advised, the changes they made to their campaign and the outcome.
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