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> > Is Autumn the Best Time to Sell?

Is Autumn the Best Time to Sell?

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Going with the seasons

Seasonal Selling

There are numerous things to consider when the time comes to sell your property. From finding an agent to choosing the right marketing strategies, you will need to make a number of careful decisions in order to maximise your sale price.

There are also factors beyond your control, from local demand for property to current mortgage rates.

One key factor that warrants consideration when selling a house is what season to put your property on the market.



It's All About the Season

There are many opinions about when the best time to sell is. Some people are firm believers in selling during spring, while others choose to list, sell and settle in autumn.

Understanding what different seasons can offer is essential when choosing when to sell.

For instance, the warmth of spring and early summer are popular for real estate activity, with plenty of open inspections running in various neighbourhoods.



However, potential buyers may feel more comfortable lingering around the garden and in outdoor areas due to the warmth. Because of this, it's essential that the entire property - inside and out - is perfectly presented. For some sellers, this can be too difficult an ask, particularly if they're preparing for a quick sale.

With autumn well upon upon us and winter looming, there are still plenty of selling opportunities available when it comes to selling a home.

In fact, if you're keen on selling in order to buy a new property that you've found, it may be worth listing your existing home to effect a sale and move into a new property. There are finance options available if you're set on purchasing a new home while you wait for your existing property to sell, too.


Preparing for Open For Inspections

No matter the season, potential buyers are always keen on viewing a property in detail.

While you might not think so immediately, autumn is actually the perfect time to show people around your home. As the weather cools down, people are more likely to linger inside. You can cater to this by creating a cosy environment. Switch the heat pump on half an hour before people arrive and place personal touches around the home, such as cosy rugs and cushions on couches.

By creating an atmosphere that potential buyers could see themselves recreating, you could increase the likelihood of getting some great offers.

Golden and red leaves on the trees set a pleasant scene, but be sure to tidy up the garden by raking leaves away and mowing the lawn.


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