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> > Small Touches that Make a Big Difference at Open Inspections

Small Touches that Make a Big Difference at Open Inspections

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The small touches make a big difference

Making a Lasting Impact on Potential Buyers

Even if you're living in an area that's considered a seller's market, it's still essential to do the best job possible when selling your property. Sometimes, it's the small touches that collectively make a big difference.

Using the services of a property agent will ensure that your property is marketed to as many potential buyers as possible. Be sure to chat to your agent about the techniques they're using - from online listings to local newspaper adverts - if you want further details.

However, you can leave the professional marketing tactics to the experts for the most part. Where you should focus as a homeowner is on the home itself and how you can make small adjustments to ensure a lasting impact among open inspection attendees.



Goodbye Fluff

Cleaning your property is a no-brainer, but it's essential not to forget about the minute details.

If you're a cat or dog owner, you may need to extra vigilant about fluff around the home, which may be on the floor or coating the furniture. A hand-held vacuum cleaner can make it easy to eradicate fluff. If you have trouble lifting it from furniture made of soft materials, use packing tape to remove it.

While you might not notice it yourself, potential home buyers may pick up on small discrepancies.



Hello Plants

Indoor plants add a freshness to any space, whether it's an orchid in the living room or a fern in the bathroom.

You can buy potted plants from garden stores and they're usually reasonably priced. These help give the home a lived-in feel, without being too personal, which family photos can be.

Better yet, if you choose a flowering plant, you may even find a fresh scent passing through the home, which is sure to please those visiting during open inspections.



Get Cosy

If you're selling in winter, you don't want to invite people into an ice cave. Meanwhile, if you're holding open inspections held during the summer, there's no better way to turn people off than invite them into a home that's too hot.



Getting the temperature in the home right is a fine balance. It should be neither to hot nor cold. In fact, you don't want open inspection attendees to think about the temperature at all. If you can get the temperature just right, this will help create the perfect atmosphere, along with cleanliness and fresh smells.

If you've got an air conditioner, this can help pump the right temperature throughout your home. If not, be sure to place portable heaters or fans in a way that will maximise their warmth, or fresh breeze, as the case may be.

Often, it's the things that people don't consciously notice at open homes that make all the difference.


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