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> > Summertime Selling - Keeping up in the Kitchen

Summertime Selling - Keeping up in the Kitchen

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The kitchen can make or break a sale - so it pays to get it right

Make the kitchen sparkle

We have been looking at a lot of different areas of the home this spring, particularly how to make some deft touches to them for a great sale of your home. This time around, we're going to take a look at one of the most important rooms in any home sale - the kitchen.

Acting as both food prep zone and a social hub, the kitchen needs to perform a wide range of functions, and there are a lot of small tasks you can undertake that will allow potential buyers to feel immediately at home in yours. Here's how to get started.



It's amazing what we can end up being used to in our kitchens over a long period of time. Splashbacks and kitchen walls can accumulate dust and grime that we just don't notice in the long term, but can be a huge red flag for buyers. By tackling every surface in your kitchen before you even go on the market, you're presenting a shining clean area that will immediately attract positive attention.

The thorough once-over won't be enough, either - keep it up every day or two! This way, your kitchen won't just stay fresh-looking, it will also smell wonderful any time someone views it. And instead of going overboard on the chemical smells, consider touching up the space with some herbs for a crisp but homely scent around the kitchen. Or gently simmer cinnamon sticks and orange peel with water in a saucepan for a comforting aroma (just make sure you're around to keep an eye on the stove!).


Keep the Spaces Clear

Anyone with a busy lifestyle can tell you how easily clutter builds up on your benchtops - but as always, clutter needs to go!



Keeping benches clear of appliances, spice racks, dishes and cookbooks will help your kitchen seem much more open, and present that coveted blank slate to potential buyers. Even if you don't eat at the kitchen bench, a buyer might.

The same goes for your pantry and cupboards - out of sight doesn't mean out of mind when buyers are about!


Invest in the Best

If you have the capital, investing in items like kitchen cabinetry and countertops can make all the difference. Fresh paint works if your budget is low, but matching cabinets in light colours and sturdy, clean countertops are catnip to buyers - they can't resist!

For extra flair, consider a stainless steel look - it could even enable you to match appliances to the cabinets, giving your kitchen an attractive modern look.


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