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> > Taking the Perfect Photograph of Your Home

Taking the Perfect Photograph of Your Home

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Fantastic professional photographs help sell your home

The Value of Great Photos

Selling your home can take a lot of effort. Between the spring clean, sprucing up the outdoors and clearing out all of your clutter, it can be exhausting preparing your home for people to see it in all its glory.

However, it's important to remember that most people's first impression of your home will not be up close and personal, it will be through the photographs you present in listings. To really put your home a cut above the competition, it's vital to capture your home's best side on film. One of the best ways to get this done is to hire a professional photographer to really make your home look like a star.




One of the most important factors in a great home photograph is the natural light. Sun beams shining through from the side of the shot will make smaller rooms look much more open and cosy, as well as highlight the vast space of your bigger rooms.

A good photographer should shoot your rooms when the light is at its brightest, and won’t let the shots become oversaturated. Doing it yourself, you can run this risk - an unsure photographer may end up with photos where the sunlight masks your home’s best features! This is why it’s important to get a professional. Who knows how much value you could add to the sale?


While it can seem easy to just grab your old digital camera and take a few quick snaps to put up for your listing, a little more effort will go a long way. Hiring a seasoned home photographer will provide a wealth of options for styles of lens and shot, as well as someone who has a trained eye for the best side your home has to offer



This means you can get crisp, clear, stunning imagery right through your photoset. A higher-quality set of photos is more likely to attract buyers, and can be a very wise investment.



Even  the best camera won't sell your home if you haven't organised the rooms for maximum appeal. Take action before a photoshoot to let as much space flow through your home as possible - move surplus furniture and clutter, and make sure mirrors aren't in places that could cause awkward reflections in photos.

If you have items that you know look great, place them front and centre and let your photographer know you want them included. Or better yet, get them ready for their close-up! You could request feature shots of shelves or outdoor arrangements that could really seal the deal for people looking to buy.

Most people will see your home for the first time in a listing. By treating your home like a model for these photos, you'll boost the number of people coming to the open home.


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