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Property News

Living in rural property has its advantages

May 21, 2012

Some people will have a preference for city living, while others would rather reside in rural property - but are there many differences between the two?

Roy Morgan Research has released its State of the Nation Report 11, which highlights some of the trends that have emerged within society, the economy and the environment.

Mining was found to be the industry that people had the most confidence in when living in rural areas, compared to the utilities, water and waste sector in cities.

Government and political issues were found to rank higher among rural dwellers' primary concerns than they did among those living in the city - 26 per cent compared to 19 per cent.

Industry communications director Norman Morris said: "Australian citizens - whether those living in the city or country - generally share many similarities.

"Many findings of the 'City versus Country' focus made sense given the differences between city and country life."

Research from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling on behalf of AMP recently found that for many Australians, their disposable income is on the rise.


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