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Property News

Residential property development an 'early Christmas present for Tasmanians'

December 19, 2011

Northern suburbs in Hobart are set to receive an increase in the amount of environmentally friendly construction as the state government begins a new residential property initiative.

The $7.8 million project will see 30 new homes built in the community of Moonah and will form part of the Tasmanian parliament's commitment to building 1,400 residential dwellings by June 2012.

Speaking on the development the minister for human services Cassy O’Connor said that the project will be rated using the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star programme and would be "a great early Christmas present for Tasmanians".

O'Connor stated: "These affordable, energy-efficient homes are built to seven and eight star efficiency ratings that can help tenants manage the rising cost of living, by helping them keep down their power bills."

The efficiencies gained come from a range of innovative solutions such as solar hot water systems, powerful insulation and low-cost lighting.

In addition, the new sites will have a 58,000 litre underground water reservoir, efficient heating and cooling units and window glazing.

The minister said that these inclusions helped to show that the state was "leading the charge" in terms of innovative and energy efficient residential property developments.

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