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Qld rural health care to improve

June 25, 2012

Rural health care in south-west Queensland has received a significant boost with the official opening of a new family health service in Goondiwindi last week (June 22).

The Macintyre Maternity, Child and Family Health Service, located at the Goondiwindi Health Service campus, will provide facilities and treatment for all children and family health issues, ranging from pregnancy through to childhood.

For those living in rural communities, the new service will be a significant benefit and may be an attractive option for home-buyers in the region.

As parents, the proximity of good education and adequate health care is imperative for choosing an area to live, and families in the state's south-west may be attracted to buying rural property around Goondiwindi with improved services in the region.

Queensland minister for health Lawrence Springborg said the client-focused regional health service would ensure that rural communities receive high-quality health care.

"Patients from Goondiwindi and surrounds can now receive antenatal and postnatal, child health, lactation, parenting, immunisation and indigenous primary health care services under one roof," Mr Springborg explained on June 22.

In addition to the new service, the installation of video conferencing facilities at the campus would enable the delivery of specialist antenatal care without travelling long distances.

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