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Property News

Regional New South Wales receives $5m infrastructure upgrade

July 18, 2012

Residents living on New South Wales rural property could be set to benefit from improved infrastructure with the government announcing a $5.26 million funding boost for the Hawkesbury region.

State premier Barry O'Farrell said the multimillion investment would enable the replacement of seven flood-prone timber bridges in the Hawkesbury area.

Homebuyers considering a land investment in the region may be interested in the development, which will see reinforced concrete structures built by 2015 - improving traffic flow and reducing the impact of flooding in the area.

Member for Hawkesbury Ray Williams said the infrastructure project was vital to the region.

He commented yesterday (July 17): "This will improve community safety because the replacement bridges will generally be wider to allow two lanes of traffic plus a pedestrian land, and higher, which means they will be less prone to flooding.

"These upgrades will improve safety and traffic flow, as well as ensuring future floods are less likely to close the bridges."

In the last decade, nine out of 23 timber bridges in the Hawkesbury region had been replaced, with the latest project adding to the vital upgrades of the area's road network.

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