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Property News

Australians' entrepreneurial nature may be good for the future

February 21, 2012

Australia has managed to weather the global economic slowdown fairly well, and has even pulled through some harrowing flooding challenges in the same time period.

Perhaps the nation is inclined for success - or at least that is what a report posted today (February 21) by the Australian Trade Commission suggests.

The 2011 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report outlines Australia's performance in relation to other countries "entrepreneurial activities, opportunities and goals".

Australia trailed only the United States in terms of entrepreneurial activity, with over ten per cent of the population engaged in running their own business and another 12.3 per cent intent on starting a company within the next three years.

It may be beneficial for the future of Australians and those considering residential property investment to recognise that Australia's economy has been categorised as "innovation-driven" - this likely means that the roughly 388 million entrepreneurs in the country have held a significant hand in driving the economy thus far.

The figures indicate this sort of pattern may continue into the future, which could be a positive factor heading into a highly-technological phase of growth.

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