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Property News

Queensland Airport Link complete

July 16, 2012

Australia's largest road infrastructure project, the Queensland Airport Link, is now complete - easing bottlenecked roads in Brisbane's north and significantly boosting traffic flow.

Treasurer and member for Clayfield Tim Nicholls said thousands of motorists will benefit from the three year infrastructure development which cost almost $5 billion.

"This has been Australia's largest road infrastructure project and will ensure drivers save valuable time when travelling to and from the airport," Mr Nicholls explained.

"Drivers travelling to and from the CBD will bypass up to 18 sets of traffic lights if they utilise the tunnel."

Home buyers looking to purchase residential property in Brisbane's north may be interested by the project which will significantly reduce congestion on suburban roads.

Motorists will also be exempt from paying road charges for the first three months with the introduction of a toll free period.

The infrastructure project is likely to boost the value of land investment in the area, with more than three hectares of new parkland and 13 km of new or improved pathways part of the multibillion dollar development.

The Airport Link was officially opened yesterday (July 15) and the public was given the opportunity to tour the new tunnel network on foot.

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