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Property News

Indigenous support program may help to ease housing shortage

March 02, 2012

Resource-rich states in Australia are beginning to see signs of economic progression with several projects in the pipeline to support mining in these areas.

One challenge to this rapid boom is finding enough rural real estate in these often remote areas to house all of the required employees of the venture.

A recent government initiative may help ease this demand with the announcement of 60 new homes and hostels being acquired to support Indigenous people who move to regional areas to access employment and training opportunities.

As part of the $5.5 billion National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing, the project aims to assist Indigenous communities in areas with high levels of housing needs.

While the project primarily aims to deliver 1,000 houses to support positive living habits for Indigenous people located in rural areas, it has also encouraged employment.

The new construction workforce in Australia is 20 per cent Indigenous people and slightly higher at 30 per cent in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

As part of the project, 269 new houses and 369 refurbishments are underway across the country, which should also help to ease the shortage and support the workforce in remote areas.

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