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Property News

Farming zone changes mean more flexibility

July 12, 2012

Residents of Victorian rural property are set to benefit from planning zone reforms which aim to stimulate growth and development across regional parts of the state.

Farmers looking at buying land in Victoria may be interested by the rural zone changes that will dictate minimum and maximum lot sizes in regional communities across the state - overriding the previous regulations which enforced a minimum purchase size.

Victorian minister for planning said increasing zoning flexibility would enable farmers and agricultural businesses to work more sustainably from rural areas.

"Councils need a much greater level of autonomy in managing their rural areas after a decade of top down state government direction on the operation of rural zones," Mr Guy said.

"Local councils know their local area much better than bureaucrats in Melbourne's CBD and should be able to have a lower minimum lot size, or to encourage smaller lots near towns if it suits their community."

Under the proposed reforms, the minimum lot size in the rural living zone will be reduced from eight hectares to two, and while the 40 hectare minimum in farming zones will still apply, councils will able to alter taking into account varying conditions.

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