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LJ Hooker CEO Opinion - February

LJ Hooker CEO Opinion - February

This time every year, with the close of February approaching, we all dream of an endless summer. But according to our agents, the sun hasn’t set on the marketplace, and won’t for some time,

Spring and summer have traditionally been the major selling seasons for vendors, but conditions could turn that tradition on its head in the coming cooler months, especially with the recent strength seen in auction markets in both Sydney and Melbourne.


The numbers of people turning out to open-for-inspections have been very strong since the holidays wound up. Many buyers have been enticed by a slowdown in price growth across certain markets.


It is this very demand combined with positive economic fundamentals that will keep real estate markets humming along in 2016.


However, overzealous commentators trying to capture media headlines and mountains of data risk overloading and confusing consumers. It is, ...

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