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LJ Hooker launches Auction Services

LJ Hooker launches Auction Services

Australia’s Major Real Estate Network of the Year, LJ Hooker will this week launch LJ Hooker Auction Services, which will see the real estate giant expand services to cater for the full selling experience.


LJ Hooker Auction Services which will operate in NSW and the ACT, will provide a superior auction experience which includes onsite and in-room auctions, ongoing training programs and forums and vendor assistance. Ricky Briggs, Auction Manager at LJ Hooker Auction Services said, not only will the business be providing on site and in room auctions but will also be working with LJ Hooker regional teams around training programs and forums.


“We will be assisting LJ Hooker offices who are yet to adopt auctions to implement the selling method into their listing tool kit and helping those offices already using auctions to further improve their systems.”

According to LJ Hooker Head of Real Estate, ...

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