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3 essential plants for your vegetable garden

January 19, 2014

If you're buying a house with a decent sized backyard, you might want to think about digging up a vegetable patch. From reducing your grocery bill to giving a fun activity to the kids, creating a vegetable garden provides you with countless benefits.

There are many veggie plants that may get your taste buds watering, but it can be hard to select which ones you actually want to grow.

For beginners thinking about starting their very first vegetable garden, here are the five essential plants to begin with. 


Despite the hard work that first goes in when you plant potatoes, growing them is actually very easy.

As they're a root vegetable, you'll need to loosen up the soil in your vegetable patch and make sure there aren't any big clumps or rocks to obstruct growth.

Once you have taken care of the soil, you can head down to your local gardening shop and buy some seed potatoes. These look like regular potatoes, but they have an 'eye' that will sprout.

After you have planted these, you must ensure your spuds are kept moist but not saturated. As a guide, put your fingers into the earth to test if the soil is damp.

When you have finished planting them and the flowers are in full bloom, you can get to the fun part - grabbing a spade and digging them up!


If you're a little strapped for space at your residential property but dying to test out your green-thumb, garlic is a great choice. This plant only needs a small patch of space, and it doesn't have to be very deep.

Start off by sprouting a couple of cloves of garlic from your pantry on your windowsill, and then nest the bottom of the clove in soil. Only a small section of the clove needs to be submerged in soil, while the green shoot is left to stick out the top.

Make sure the cloves are planted with adequate space so the shoots can grow nice and tall. 


A staple for many households across the country, lettuce is always a great first plant to grow. There are many varieties and colours, but you should choose something you enjoy eating.

Lettuces need to be kept well watered, or else they will bolt (go to seed). You'll also need to regularly pick leaves to ensure they don't grow too big and tall.

Ideally, lettuces should be watered in the early evening - otherwise the moisture can evaporate easily in the harsh rays of the sun.

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