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Property News

Better health services for rural Victoria

June 14, 2012

Health services play a major role in any decision to buy residential property, but perhaps even more so for those in remote areas.

The Victorian government has announced $5 million of funding for healthcare services in the state, which will specifically benefit those living in rural property.

Minister for health David Davis explained that 26 rural services would receive a share of the grants, which are to be allocated through the first round of the Rural Capital Support Fund.

"These funding grants will help hospitals, aged care facilities and community health services to upgrade amenities, implement new models of care and increase service capacity and efficiency," he commented.

In light of the grants, properties in this area could become more appealing to people of all ages, including everyone from first time buyers with young children to those in need of elderly care.

It recently emerged that more youngsters than ever are finishing school in search of further education in Victoria, as 52 per cent of students leaving Year 12 continued their studies this year.

This is compared to 49.4 per cent last year and is the highest figure on record.

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