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Property News

Perth to welcome affordable rental properties

May 17, 2012

A need to increase the number of affordable rental properties has been recognised in Perth, leading to the announcement of a new $15.7 million project.

The Key City Workers Development aims to provide employees in the city with low-cost rental options so they do not have to commute long distances to their places of employment.

"It will not only help the workers but also help the city to thrive, diversify and develop economically," explained the lord mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi.

Funding for the project has been supplied by a number of organisations, including the National Rental Affordability Scheme and the City of Perth.

At present, the plans incorporate 48 one- and two-bedroom apartments that are able to house approximately 90 tenants, as well as a 177-bay public car park.

Proposals were recently put forward to introduce a congestion charging scheme in Perth, which Cr Scaffidi said showed "little understanding of our traffic masterplan and certainly no sense of place appreciation whatsoever".

She expressed that the city was "vehemently against" the proposals and that they would require an act of parliament to actually be put into place.


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