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Property News

Sydney property owners may opt for energy-efficient upgrades

March 16, 2012

Sydney commercial property owners may be interested in a recent announcement from the city council regarding new capital toward energy-efficient upgrades.

The agreement between City of Sydney Council and the federal government-funded independent company Low Carbon Australia Ltd (LCAL) aims to encourage energy-efficient improvements in commercial and public buildings.

Starting with a $100 million budget, the partnership will conduct forums and workshops to promote the benefits of energy-smart building strategies.

"This is part of the city's program to reduce carbon emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 - one of the most ambitious targets of any Australian government. It follows the city's carbon-neutral certification by LCAL last year, the first by an Australian council," explained City of Sydney chief executive Monica Barone.

NSW's capital Green/Global/Connected strategy has outlined the solution to energy challenges as decentralised energy (trigeneration), renewable energy, decentralised water, advanced waste treatment and automated waste collection.

The ambitious undertaking could inspire new residential real estate owners in the area to invest in their own forward-thinking strategies.

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